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    Bands and politics

    Should bands accept money from anybody / organisation even if they are short of cash? Just come across an article on a far right website and it shows one of the countries top bands accepting £500 from the BNP. The article is from 2011 but is still there on Google for all to see. I just wondered...
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    Pleasley Colliery Band ( battle of the Bands contest) June 23rd

    Pleasley Colliery Band req 2/3 front row cornet players for the forthcoming Battle of the Bands Contest at Staveley on June 23rd. We can borrow from 4th or 3rd section. Please contact me on 07967517136 if you can help. Nick Harris
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    Marsden Hymn and March Contest

    Has anybody got any contact details for the above Contest?
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    Porthouse to lead Thoresby Colliery.

    The Thoresby Colliery Band are pleased to annouce that Ian Porthouse will be leading them at the forthcoming Midlands Area Contest. Ian is regarded as being one of the best in the business and the band are delighted to be working with him. Exciting times are ahead and the appointment comes hot...
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    three stags.

    are the concerts still on and if so whos on tonight.i heard that it had all been cancelled
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    LLoyd Shipp

    Has anyone got a contact num for Lloyd shipp?Hes depping for me next week and the num he gave me must be missing a me if any of you can help.thanks
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    Carlton Main Frickley req Solo baritone

    Frickley urgently need a Solo baritone for the British open and future events ie Scottish open and next years area.This is thanks to UK coal deciding to mine seven days aweek.(cant wait!!!!!)and therefore a change in my shift pattern leading to me having to finish playing. Frickley have some...
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    Kirsty Abbotts CMFCB

    I would like to annoucne that on 18 march 2006 at Nottingham city hospital, Kirsty Abbotts principal cornet of the Carlton main frickley colliery band gave birth to a beautiful daughter jessica rose Harris.Both mother and daughter are doing fine and the Grand shield in May should she kirsty...
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    Carlton main frickley at Newstead welfare

    The Carlton main frickley colliery band will be appearing at Newstead miners welfare on sunday 18th December.The concert starts at 8.00pm and will feature traditonal brass band music and festive items as well. The band would also like to annouce that David Evans will be directing the band at...
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    wingates flugal player

    I'm posting this in the hope that anybody from wingates can contact me in regard to their flugal player.As we left glasgow somebody came up to me and gave said players gig bag to me.Would be grateful if anybody could get in touch either pm me or ring me on 07966096219. nick harris carlton...
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    Carlton Main annouce conductor for Scottish Open

    Carlton Main Frickley are pleased to annouce Allan Ramsay has agreed to take the band at the Scottish Open in November. Everybody at Carlton Main are looking forward to working with Allan who brings a wealth of experience and success with him. In the meanwhile we are busy preparing for Pontins...
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    Carlton main frickley colliery band

    It is with great sadness and regret that CMFCB announce the resignation of mr Brain Grant owing to travelling difficulties.Brian has been with the band for 18 months in which the band has competed in many contests,recorded two cds and toured holland. The band has expressed that they wish Brian...
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    North of England solo contest 2006

    Carlton main frickley colliery band are pleased to announce the relaunch of the prestigous North of England solo contest.The contest will be run sometime in june 2006.(date to be confirmed)There will be all of the usual classes including senior slow melody /senior air varie right through to...
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    Bugle Contest (merged to include results)

    bugle contest anybody know of any good camp sites near bugle ?
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    scottish open

    anybody know any names or contacts for entering the scottish open?thanx
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    hard or soft?

    how do you prefer'em hard or soft.yes i'm talking about instrument soft ones offer better protection than a hard rigid one?is technology that good that there is no difference between hard or soft?anybody got any veiws.personally i prefer them hard.......... nick harris
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    cork or rubber?

    on some instruments the spit key has cork or rubber.which one is the better?personally i prefer rubber.............. NICK HARRIS SOLO BARITONE CMFCB NOT A CONDUCTOR NOT A MEMBER OF ANY WIND ENSEMBLE
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    just played through judges of the secret court and can't understand why we have to do the cuts .i know that time is a factor but surely another 3-4mins a performance is going to hurt.the cuts ruin what is a great piece of music both for player and audience alike.just wondered if anybody else...
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    2nd trom reqd for concert on saturday 1st november with carlton main frickley band.bus leaves bandroom at 12.00pm.please call kirsty on 07748300102
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    players reqd for whit friday

    we ugrently req 2 troms for whit if u can help out please e-mail me or ring 07980870491. NICK HARRIS CARLTON MAIN FRICKLEY COLLIERY BAND