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    Brighouse March and Hymn Contest

    I know the overall results are up on BrassBandResults, but does anyone have the full breakdown of points/placings for both the march and hymn please? I'm hoping to clear up something that has been puzzling me for the last couple of days... I wasn't running at full mental capacity by the time...
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    Design Your Own National Contest

    If you were in a position to set up your own national brass band competition, what would it look like? There has been talk of setting up a new competition to rival/replace the existing 'Nationals', so I thought it would be interesting to open up a discussion on what people would like to see...
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    Were your band consulted about the BBP registry at Cheltenham?

    Following on from Kapitol's latest missive on 4BR, which reinforces the line that the new registry was created on the back of feedback from bands at the lower section finals, I think it is worth trying to determine exactly what constitutes "positive soundings from all the bands that participated...