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    The picture which inspired Victorian Snapshots

    The picture was published in the War Cry, the house journal of the Salvation Army, on 15th May 1886. Below is the text which accompanied the picture. Strangely enough, it makes no mention of the competing merits of the various valve systems of brass instruments. But I suppose the writer had...
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    The picture which inspired Victorian Snapshots

    I was having a tidy-up the other day and came across this document. It's the picture which inspired Ray Steadman-Allen's brilliant work Victorian Snapshots - On Ratcliffe Highway. When you compare the picture with the extraordinary depth of the work you realise just how much imagination and...
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    Berkhamsted and Boxmoor Band

    Is there anybody out there who was a member of the now defunct Berkhamsted and Boxmoor Band, particularly around the early to mid 1980s? I've been digitising my old 35mm slide collection recently, and pictures from that time have revived a lot of old memories.
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    CD of the Year - anyone got it?

    I ordered this CD in early November when it was first advertised and reviewed in Brass Band World magazine as their CD of the Year 2015! An email to the Tredegar band's webmaster a week ago hasn't brought a response yet though, which is frustrating because I would rather like to hear the music...
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    Is banding going the same way as athletics?

    I work in the biosciences industry and was interested in the claims being made for this product. The website mentions "proven results from extensive trials" so I asked whether the results had been published. The answer I got was that 200 participants were involved, with 25% of them given...
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    Oklahoma! - Alan Catherall arrangement

    Thanks all, it's as I suspected!
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    Oklahoma! - Alan Catherall arrangement

    Hi Can anyone tell me who publishes Alan Catherall's arrangement of Oklahoma! It doesn't seem to appear in any publisher's website I can find. Thanks.
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    New CD in the making

    Is there any news of this project, one year on? Thanks.
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    Sold/Expired For sale: Set of band parts, The Night to Sing (Bram Tovey)

    I have for sale a brand new, unmarked and complete set of parts of The Night to Sing (Bram Tovey). These are band parts only, there is no score, so it might suit someone with a copy of the study score whose band fancies a crack at it. This set costs £44.00 new from the publisher (excluding...
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    Bedford Town Band: vacancies

    Bedford Town Band (1st section) have vacancies for B FLAT CORNET, BASS TROMBONE and PERCUSSION players. The band rehearses in central Bedford on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm to 10pm. For full details about the band, visit our website at
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    Academic Festival Overture - Lorriman arrangement

    Hi, is anyone familiar with the Howard Lorriman arrangement of the Academic Festival Overture? How does it compare with the old Denis Wright arrangement? Thanks, Alec
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    Bedford Town Band: vacancies

    Bedford Town Band (First Section) have vacancies for BASS TROMBONE, EEb BASS and PERCUSSION players. The band rehearses in central Bedford on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm to 10pm. Please contact me in confidence for further details, or visit the band's website at
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    Bedford Town Band: euphonium player required for the area contest

    Bedford Town Band (Championship Section, London and Southern Counties) are urgently seeking a euphonium player to be part of our preparations for the area contest in March, and possibly beyond. The band rehearses on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8pm to 10pm in central Bedford. If you would like...
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    Repton (Dear Lord & Father) - singable versions

    Thanks very much for your replies.
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    Repton (Dear Lord & Father) - singable versions

    Hi there I need a version of Repton that can be sung to by a congregation. The Eric Banks and Gavin Somerset versions change key half way through which makes them unsuitable. Peter Graham's version stays in the same key - is anyone familiar with this arrangement, is it suitable for singing...
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    Anyone know a gig bag repairer?

    Hello I've got a Vincent Bach euphonium gig bag and the zip has broken. Does anyone know of any repairers, ideally in the North London / Bedfordshire / A1 corridor area? I've tried Vincent Bach themselves, Windcraft and a couple of shoe repairers but none of them can help. Thanks Alec
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    Rousseau - Edward Gregson

    Excellent service, thank you! I've spoken to Mr Cook and the music is on its way. Many thanks to all who responded. Alec
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    Rousseau - Edward Gregson

    Thank you for all this. There is no doubt that the piece on the CD is by Gregson - as you say, the style is instantly recognisable, and in any case, it is credited to him in the insert notes! Strangely though, it is not included anywhere in the list of works on his official website. If the...
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    Rousseau - Edward Gregson

    I wonder if anyone can help me in locating a copy (the sheet music that is) of Edward Gregson's brass quartet Rousseau. I vaguely recalled that it was published by SP & S and have had that confirmed by Obrasso, who have a CD with the piece on it. However, I spoke to a nice lady from SP & S who...
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    Wanted: 1st cornet for quartet, N London/Herts/Beds/A1M corridor

    Wanted: 1st cornet player for brass quartet, N. London/Herts/Beds/A1(M) corridor The EPB brass quartet is seeking a good quality first (B flat) cornet player for regular rehearsals. There is a sizeable but largely unknown repertoire for brass quartet - our primary purpose is to explore and...