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    Sold/Expired Genuine offer to be heard by more people

    I am putting this information on as it is a genuine offer to bands who wish to widen their exposure to the general public worldwide. I can personally vouch for the company. A few words of explanation. Denny is based in Grimsby. This company is linked to another site he owns...
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    Dynamic Delaney

    THE MAGNIFICENT ERIC DELANEY by Eddie Sammons Reviewed by Tim Paton Who is Eric Delaney? If you were around in the 1950’s and 1960’s, it is unlikely that you will not have at least heard of the famous drummer and showman who would come to be known as Dynamic Delaney, in fact, some of you may...
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    Sold/Expired 30 years ago today

    Hello all. If you would like to hear Flixton Band playing their tribute to Elvis Presley who died 30 years ago, then visit
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    Let Me Entertain You

    “LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU” Tim Paton This is the title of a song by Robbie Williams, but what does the word entertain actually mean? In our own ‘band movement’, it seems that this word is often being redefined. It is becoming quite normal to hear the words entertainment and cheesy in the same...
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    Help for Band practice

    With compliments from Julie - she found it on a New Zealand band website
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    Small Band/Ensemble Suggestions Please

    Hello tmp. I know that this subject has been broached before. I am looking at doing some 'reduced' versions of some of my music. I know that there is the "10 Piece" already. Looking around the web, I notice that a "10 piece" varies slightly in instrumentation. Also, if you were looking for...
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    New piece for 2007

    First, may I wish all at tMP a very good Christmas season, and all the best for the new year. 2006 is nearly done, and besides meeting lots of tMP friends and aquaintances, I will always remember hearing Elaine singing "My Little Welsh Home" with Wem, and hearing Timbloke play "National...
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    It's a shame

    Christmas music is being spoken about, and I always get a little grumpy about something, (I'm aloud to, I'm 55). In 1975, Greg Lake released a Christmas Single called "I Believe in Father Chtristmas", which got to no.2 in the charts. Now don't get me wrong, a fabulous song, which, when I was...
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    A Special Night

    I would like to share a story with you all. When my Mother was alive, and living in her home town of Haverfordwest, she ran the Red Dragon Theatre Group for children and teenagers. She constantly spoke about a girl who first started when she was at Primary School. My Mother taught her acting...
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    Audio Samples from TP Music

    Just to let you know that Audio Samples of my music are now in mp3 format. I'm afraid that the scores are not yet on my website, which is more to do with my limited knowledge of FTP than anything else! mp3 samples will of course be sent to you if you email TP Music - details on my website.
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    New Superman Theme

    Julie and I were watching TV ten mninutes ago, and we saw an advert for the new Superman film. Julie said, "That theme will be out for brass band soon". This prompted us to wonder how soon it would be, and who would do it. I think there will be at least two, I would even hazard a guess as to...
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    Digital Radios

    Julie has had two digital radios in nine months, (one was a replacement), they both overheated and stopped working. I bought one for my daughter, it did the same thing, (including smoke). We bought one for my Mother-in-Law, it is beginning to overheat and cut out. Has anyone else experienced...
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    Jazz Music Question

    I heard a song the other day in a card shop. All the music was a selection of mainstream big band. I asked the lady behind the counter what it was, and she didn't know, it was a CD the proprieter had put in the system. Now, I will try to explain it. The singer sounded like a trained soprano...
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    A nice story

    I would like to share a nice story with you all. As you know, I sometimes mention what my eighty six year old Dad is up to. I love him to bits, and am very proud of the way he has carried on after my Mother died in September 2004. None of his four kids, grandkids or greatgrandkids live in...
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    TV Entertainment License

    Has anyone got any inside knowledge about what this is about? I have read a few lines on it in the local paper, and Paul O'Grady was going on about it, but other than that, I know nothing.
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    Major 'update'

    Hello fellow tMPers'. My website has just had what was originally intended as a Spring clean, which became more of a transfiguration! You are more than welcome to visit/revisit, and as I have now reinstated my guestbook, feel free to leave a message - as long as it is a nice...
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    One of life's mysteries

    Well, here I am, a person old enough to buy a retirement apartment. Fifty five years of life experience, with only five years before my bus pass. Successful in some of my endevours, along with a fair amount of mistakes which I have had to rectify. So, there I am, minding my own business, when I...
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    "It's a small world"

    I am sure that everyone has a story about meeting someone in the most unlikely place, sometimes amusing or just ironic, maybe even uncanny. Let me start this thread off with a story I heard today. Before I go any further, some important background. I was in Wem recently for their spring...
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    New Soprano Cornet Solo

    "NERUDA" Johann Baptist Georg Neruda was an 18th century Czech violinist and composer. Classical trumpet players include his Eb Concerto as one of their favourite solos, which is often performed on an Eb Soprano Trumpet. Soprano Cornet player Simon Morgan (with the mighty Flixton Band)...
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    Will you still love TP Music tomorrow?

    Do you remember that beautiful song "WILL YOU (still) LOVE ME TOMORROW" ? Well, an arrangement for Brass Band, featuring the Tenor Horns and Baritones, will be available shortly. Another request from Julie, which will be £, not Julie, she is priceless :) Watch this...