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    Paddy's Yeovil - 2011

    St Dennis played Walking with Heroes The Waltonian Benedictus (Euph) Sing Sing Sing Reunion and Finale from Gettysburg
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    Pontin 2010 Results?

    We had a great weekend - A great choice of test piece for the top section. Really enjoyed working on it. Congratulations to Marsden on winning the section.
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    Sounds (John Golland)

    Great Piece Matt - A nice lyrical sop solo in it also :-)
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    Help People :-)

    Escapade (Turrin) is great to play!:D
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    CBBA Contest 2010 Results (17th April)

    Cornwall Brass Band Association 55th Cornish Brass Band Championships Saturday 17th April 2010 at Tremough Campus, Penryn Adjudicator - Dr Chris Davis OBE Ungraded Section 1st - Gweek (A R Richards) 2nd - Illogan Sparnon (Shaun Marsden) 3rd - Redruth Town (N Johns) Best Instrumentalist -...
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    Sold/Expired Vincent Bach 7D (no.349) Cornet Mouthpiece - New in box

    And why...? I know people that use this mouthpiece and swear by it. Including Bert van thienen from Willebroek. Its personal preference
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    Sold/Expired Vincent Bach 7D (no.349) Cornet Mouthpiece - New in box

    Vincent Bach 7D (no.349) Cornet Mouthpiece - New in box - New in box! On EBAY... BID AWAY!
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    St Dennis Band require a Musical Director

    St Dennis Band St Dennis Band (Championship WOE Band) are seeking applicants for the post of Musical Director. Contact: To apply, please contact Chairman Peter Bazeley - Tel. 01637 880502 Mob. 07588576827 Email.
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    Departure of Brian Minear

    St. Dennis Band announce the imminent departure of musical director Brian Minear. Appointed in March 2001 Brian has worked tirelessly for the band bringing them from 4th section through to championship in just eight years, gaining two national titles in the 4th and 2nd sections along the way...
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    Sold/Expired Schilke 11Ax Mouthpiece Bb Silver Plated

    40 minutes left on the auction
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    Sold/Expired Schilke 11Ax Mouthpiece Bb Silver Plated

    No Problem - Happy bidding!
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    Sold/Expired Schilke 11Ax Mouthpiece Bb Silver Plated

    You need to copy and paste the link into the address bar as clicking doesnt work for some strange reason.
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    Sold/Expired Schilke 11Ax Mouthpiece Bb Silver Plated

    It is listed on ebay for 20 quid if you still want it. Only played on for a couple of weeks.
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    Sold/Expired Schilke 11Ax Mouthpiece Bb Silver Plated

    Mouthpiece in v.good condition. £20 o.v.n.o PM me for more info :tup
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    Google CHROME browser

    Anybody used this yet? Download the new beta at Its great - so quick yet minimal :tup
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    St Dennis Band Vacancies

    Senior Band Solo Trombone position available Youth Band Euphonium, Baritone and Bass Players. Other positions also considered. Anybody interested please contact Brian Minear on 01726 63686 or contact through the St Dennis Band Website
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    New signings at St Dennis

    In recent weeks, due to other commitments St Dennis Band has received a number of resignations. Fortunately, the band has also had a number of new signings. Lee Wylde joins the band on Principal Cornet. Lee was previously playing Principal Cornet for Bodmin Town Band and he will be joined by...
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    euphonium injuries?!

    Kim - Maybe we should suggest to the committee hiring a band masseuse. This is a serious matter! See you in 30 mins at rehearsal :clap: AJ
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    best cornet player

    1. Richard Marshall 2. Hans Gansch :tup 3. Roger Webster
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    Truro CBBA Contest 2008

    Truro CBBA Contest 2008 Results Junior (TRAINING) SECTION 1. Camborne Training Band (185 points) 2. St Agnes (175 points) Best Instrumentalist - Soprano - Camborne Ungraded Bands Section 1. Tiverton Town (182 points) 2. Gweek Silver (181 points) 3. St Newlyn East (174 points) Best...