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  1. McEuphie

    Test Piece Gradings

    Hi Folks Is there a list or database of test pieces and there grading? Any info welcome. Cheers
  2. McEuphie

    Regionals 2008 CD

    Hi Folks Received my copy of 2008 areas CD over the weekend and was generally impressed with music and presentation. However I don’t think there will be many happy Whitburn fans!! Band review on CD notes: Cory Band – 1.5 pages Black Dyke - 1.5 pages Whitburn – 0.5 pages with best...
  3. McEuphie

    Reading tenor clef

    Hi Folks Have filled in trombone parts when players have been missing and get the occasional piece written in tenor clef. Any easy tricks for playing or do I just have to learn to read it!
  4. McEuphie

    Rules for playing in 2 areas

    Hi Folks I have a question about playing in 2 different areas. Is this possible? Our MD thinks there is (or used to be) a rule that allows players to play in 2 different areas. He thinks you can be registered with a band, in say Area A, but still be allowed to play for a band in Area...
  5. McEuphie

    Facets of Glass

    Hi Folks My band is considering taking the Pontins challenge this year. 4th section test piece is "Facets of Glass" by Gordon Langford - don't know anything about this piece (other than it was written as 2nd Section for Pilkingtons Contest) so would be grateful for any information...
  6. McEuphie

    "Optional" percussion

    Hi Folks I will be playing "Divertimento" by Brian Kelly in the 4th section regional at Blackpool and have been browsing through the score and have a couple of question that I would be gratfeul to hear your thoughts on. The percusion parts are written as "optional" on the score so: If...
  7. McEuphie

    Somewhere in the Night

    Hi folks I was listening to "Just Good Friends" CD - Maurice Murphy & Don Lusher and was wondering if their "Somewhere in the Night" arrangement is available generally for band or was just a one off for this recording. Any info on publishers/suppliers would be welcome. Cheers
  8. McEuphie

    Euph Solo

    Hi folks Heard a good Euph solo version of "Watching the Wheat" - Henry Gheel, a few months back on LTB and found an old crumpled/yellowed copy of the solo part when clearing out my archive. Does anybody (probably Oracle Roger could help here) know if this is still in print for band...