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  1. McEuphie

    Regionals '16 CD

    Danceries 2nd section nationals in 2002 and 2nd section Pontins 2009. I don't believe there are CDs made for Nationals generally so not sure about comment. I didn't play in Nationals but did play at Pontins and have recording on East Coast Pictures by Leyland but not perc player to comment on...
  2. McEuphie

    2016 Area Test Piece Rumours

    Mermaid of Zennor - Cornish Folk Tale Written earlier this year for the Cornwall Youth Band
  3. McEuphie

    2016 Area Test Piece Rumours

    2016 REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION Cambridge Variations (Philip Sparke) SECTION ONE Essay (Edward Gregson) SECTION TWO The Mermaid of Zennor (Philip Harper) SECTION THREE A Cambrian Suite (Michael Ball) SECTION FOUR The Journal of Phileas Fogg (Peter Graham)
  4. McEuphie

    Brass Band Geek competition.

    I would be interested as a brass band enthusiast!! OK, I'm a geek too :-)
  5. McEuphie

    Paddy's North-West Area - 2012

    Hi Paddy, Just had a quick look at next year's areas and found a couple of errors: Poulton - Le-Fylde are in 1st section not the 2nd. Cheshire Constabulary are in the 3rd section and don't appear in your tables. Cheers
  6. McEuphie

    Area Pieces 2012

    Great, thanks!
  7. McEuphie

    Area Pieces 2012

    ??? Interesting! Is there another website I should be monitoring? There is no anouncement here - Test-PiecesThe 2012 Regional test-pieces will be posted here, when they are announced. Comments welcome :)
  8. McEuphie

    College Questionnaire

    31-49 Euphonium Tried all UK brass except the monster bass. 11-18 Brass banding family Grade 8 Complete fanatic Started on tenor horn (only instrument available) then matured onto euph.
  9. McEuphie

    Bass Trom

    Hi Folks Is there a quick and easy way read/play bass clef? I've tried 2 ways of playing bass trom part on my euph, both involve an element of transposition: 1. Read as bass clef and transpose up a tone - :( 2. Read as treble clef (drop 3 flats) and transpose down a fifth - :-? Is there...
  10. McEuphie

    Duet Music for Cornet and Euph

    Try duet section at: Something Stupid is listed as cornet duet but I have played the Euph/Cornet duet version which is fun.
  11. McEuphie

    Online Music (Sheet) Companies

    And another few: Happy shopping!!
  12. McEuphie

    Christmas solos?

    "Lonely this Christmas" or "Merry Christmas Darling" for Euph.:biggrin:
  13. McEuphie

    Rehearsal Planning.

    Try this link: How to plan a good rehearsal - article by Bob Childs in Bandsman Cheers McEuphie
  14. McEuphie

    Test Piece Gradings

    Hi Folks Is there a list or database of test pieces and there grading? Any info welcome. Cheers
  15. McEuphie

    Les Miserable

    The CD "A new Beginning" by Hoover Band (Bolton) has an arrangement, but not sure if available in print. Bring Him Home, Schonberg/Boublil arr Wormald, 3.40 Soprano Cornet Soloist - Chris Seddon Not sure if the Wilkinson arrangemenet has been recorded but there is an MP3 sound bite on Just...
  16. McEuphie

    Suggestions for euph and bass duets

    Euph/EEb bass duet Hi I'm playing around with "One Over the Eight" by R Garmen (available from Just Music) which is a euph/Eb bass duet at the moment. It is not too technical - mostly both playing same notation but sounding octaves. This is a good fun piece, bit out of the ordinary/novelty item.
  17. McEuphie

    Regionals 2008: Fourth Section Test Piece: Four Cities Symphony

    Just wondering about "no wrong notes" in Four Cities and part of one of my previous posts about the exerpt printed in the Bandsman's article: Ex 1 in the excerpt is different from the score (and flugel part): Bar 5 of Ex 1 - C crotchet (actual pitch) is written G crotchet (F actual pitch) in...
  18. McEuphie

    Help If you Can?

    Hi Depends on which one. We have aquired some old music from another band and now have some double sets. I have also found very usefel in the past for finding "lost" parts and respectably priced - £2-£3 per part plus postage.
  19. McEuphie

    Regionals 2008: Fourth Section Test Piece: Four Cities Symphony

    Hi folks On the day it is up to the man (or woman) in the box! I will just keep playing what's written until I'm told otherwise, if we don't get an errata then we should all still be playing the same and should be judged the same.
  20. McEuphie

    Regionals 2008: Fourth Section Test Piece: Four Cities Symphony

    Rodney Newton in the Bandsman Hi Folks Just read Rodney Newton's review of Four Cities in this weeks Bandsman. Quite good review with good guidance except for his last paragraph: "For a prime example of how to interpret this music, I can do no better than draw attention to the superb...