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    Lockdown practice

    It is always fun to tease other musicians, and be teased back. I play the bass trombone and flute.
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    Lockdown practice

    I am working remotely and live by myself. I have a spare bedroom which I use for practice in the evenings, about an hour and a half, a combination of: Warm-up routine High-note studies (an area I have always been weak on with my bass trombone) Scales and arpeggios (I do two keys per practice)...
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    Who makes the best bass trombone?

    I have both a Conn 62HCL and a Rath R9. I bought the Conn first, trying also a Vincent Bach and Edwards bass trombone at the same time. I loved the Conn's sound, but that is probably my own preference. We all have our own preferences. I play a lot in orchestras and felt that the Conn's sound...