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  1. stevetrom

    City Of Coventry MD vacancy

    City of Coventry Brass require a Musical Director to prepare the band for forthcoming engagements and contests in the Second Section. We rehearse in Coventry on Thursday evenings with additional rehearsals as required prior to concerts and contests. Please apply to the band manager Phil Wroe at...
  2. stevetrom

    2019 Area test piece discussion thread

    MoominDave, I played EEb bass for a band from the Oxford area a few years ago at Butlins (High Peak in 2012?) and neither of the EEb basses were comfortable playing a solo passage that went a bit high, the 2nd Euph put it in and, if I remember correctly, the adjudicator (Steve Sykes) said "well...
  3. stevetrom

    The one vowel thread!

    Wol :0)
  4. stevetrom

    Who is your favourite Euphonium Player(s)?

    What about Derick Kane? Solo euph at the ISB since 1976 !!! and he taught me to triple tongue :-)
  5. stevetrom

    Regressive Butlins Choices ... ?

    "I am quite pleased that Butlins are going for arrangements of classical pieces. " you're obviously NOT a bass trombone player in the 2nd section then :-)
  6. stevetrom

    Roger Thorne

    Just heard that Roger Thorne has passed away. Very sad news.
  7. stevetrom

    Tuning and Intonation

    searched 'intonation station' on google play and nothing found
  8. stevetrom

    Date a hot Asian lady...

    I've just looked at booking an MOT at Kwik-Fit. Guess what advert is now at the top of the page? Yep, Kwik-Fit
  9. stevetrom

    Date a hot Asian lady...

    Currently an advert for RS Components is at the top - a company I do use at work from time to time - so maybe these adds are related to browsing history?
  10. stevetrom

    How do you like your regional test piece?

    Name, names! Worse Area set test pieces only. For what it's worth I hated Moorside Suite, mainly because my part (bass Trom) was neither challenging or interesting. Brass Band contesting is my hobby, I do it primarily for my own enjoyment so when I am forced to play a piece I would like it to...
  11. stevetrom

    How do you like your regional test piece?

    mmmmm no comment
  12. stevetrom

    How do you like your regional test piece?

    That could make Midlands S2 interesting, at present 5 points cover first to last place in the table !
  13. stevetrom

    Butlins 2018

    they know your browsing history ! :-)
  14. stevetrom

    2018 Area test pieces

    So has anyone heard or played the 2nd section piece, Ex Terra Lucem? Any thoughts?
  15. stevetrom

    Yorkshire Area Championship adjudicators

    I was at a summer school one year and the subject of closed/open adjudication came up one of the Childs (I honestly can't remember which) was very much in favour of closed adjudication - you should judge music with your ears not your eyes
  16. stevetrom

    Returning euph

    Butlins is soooooo much better than the old Pontins. Enjoy!
  17. stevetrom

    Bottom 'C' on bass bone

  18. stevetrom

    Women in Brass Bands

    you received no PM from me LadyBrassBand
  19. stevetrom

    The Gob Iron

    you can only 'give away' the information you provide
  20. stevetrom

    Trump? Who saw that coming?

    why the sinking feeling? so pollsters, political commentators, media outlets, the press, etc (and a whole bunch of people on social media) are made to look like fools, nothing wrong with that.