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    Sold/Expired Saxophone search...

    Hi all Bit random but really fancy trying out a sax.. So if anyone has one they want to either lend/sell then get in touch below or via pm Thanks Chris
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    Bb bass looking for band in west midlands

    Hi all Looking for a band, near Dudley. All sections considered, just contact me on 07972810420 to discuss further or message on here Thanks Chris
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    Bb bass player west midlands looking for band

    Hi Recently moved to area, looking for friendly sociable band 2nd to top section. Pm me with info please. Thanks Chris
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    Bb/Eb Bass (Midlands) available for Butlins

    Hello There, My band has managed to sign another player (able to give more committment on regular rehearsals). I can committ over short periods ie for contests but not every week throughout the year. I will be remaining registered with the band and I am not looking for a new band on a...