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    Foden's Solo Contest

    Foden's Solo Contest, Saturday 31st October The 'Foden's Solo Contest' is the largest of its kind in this country and last year attracted over 170 competitors who competed in 18 different classes. Once again we have received a similar number of entrants who will be travelling from Norway...
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    Fodens and the Halle Orchestra

    Hi, Pines of Rome is with the Halle (not just us) and we are playing Resurgam as a solo band. The programme has been chosen by the Halle to tie in with the theme of the concert. Should be a great concert and we are delighted that the Halle have invited us to perform with them at such a...
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    Just a bit of advice...

    Hi Laura I presume you have spoken to Brian about this as Im sure he would be able to help?
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    Funding Meeting

    On Monday 16th September Foden's have invited the funding officer from Brass Band England to attend the Foden's Bandroom to hold a seminar in relation to funding ie what funding is available for bands etc and also a questions and answers session. The meeting is being arranged for bands...
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    Buxton Brass festival 2013

    Hi, Thanks for the comments, its nice to read positive comments about adjudicators rather than some of the comments we sometimes see from players from bands not in the prizes. As we always say, adjudication is very subjective and a different day with a different judge may sometimes mean a...
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    Youth Finals

    In my section there were 16 youth bands with say and average of 25 players = 400 youngsters. On top of this there were a number of other sections being held at the same time. I estimate there must have been around 800 performers today. Im sure a large number of these youngsters do play in adult...
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    Youth Finals

    Hi All After an enjoyable day at the Youth Finals listening to some great playing and seeing Hundreds of young players , why is it that so many adult bands are struggling to fill empty seats. Is it down to a lack of trying from adult bands ie get an association with a youth band, is it that...
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    Advertising for vacancies - Ideas please!

    Hi, Please see below, which I originally posted in 2011 which may help I have been a peri in Stockport etc etc for over 10 years and have never been approached by any band to ask if I have any pupils who would be interested in coming down for a blow. I usually find out who the local band is...
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    Top Band Youth Bands

    I think it is good for banding if any band has their own youth band (regardless of the section). The reason top bands advertise the fact that they have a youth band is not for their publicity but to make players aware that a new youth band has been formed and to encourage membership. The reason...
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    Fodens annouce exciting self promotional concert

    On Sunday 11th November Fodens will be holding a self promotional concert at the magnificent Manchester Cathedral commencing at 7.30pm. The first half of the concert will feature Fodens Band with guest trumpet soloist Jens Lindemann. The second half will commence with a short performance...
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    Use of a bands name/performances/image commercially.

    There was nothing in the rules, but all the bands were contacted asking if any one had any objections to their performance being recorded and sold with the proceeds going towards the British Open ie not a profit making idea by brass vibe but for the good of the contest
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    Recognition in Classical arenas..?

    A pity, then, that that house was rather less than full – the Arena and Gallery being particularly sparsely occupied I believe that 4000 tickets were sold prior to the concert not including those who paid on the day, so not a bad turn out!! The band played great and the pupils enjoyed the...
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    Bands on Twitter

    Fodens Band twitter = fodensband also on Facebook
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    Whit Friday Results 2012

    Just looking on the results, fodens are shown as 182 points at stalybridge which we won and 138 points at duckinfield which is nearly 50 points behind the band who i think got 2nd?
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    WHat has happened to McQueens in Manchester.

    McQueens Hi, They are still trading I have just rang them on the number from their website. Have you not tried ringing them ?
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    Hi, I would tend to dissagree. Fodens release 1 concert cd each year (Patrons cd) but recent cds have been 'Music of Andy Scott' 'Rococo Variations' Maestro (Bram Tovey) as well as solo cds for Jens Lindeman and Glyn Williams (Glyn winning the cd of the year from BBW this year and Jens being...
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    Recruiting New Players

    Hi Mike I have been a peri in Stockport etc etc for over 10 years and have never been approached by any band to ask if I have any pupils who would be interested in coming down for a blow. I usually find out who the local band is in relation to each school and contact them and have had a...
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    Occasion by Edward Gregson

    I played at that contest as well with Besses Boys and got 2nd, good piece and was a good test!!!
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    Fodens Launch Iphone App

    Foden's have launched what they believe is the first Brass Band 'App' for the Iphone. Speaking about the launch Mark Wilkinson said ' We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the Foden's App which has been designed by Soprano player Richard Poole. The App features Band History...