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  1. jimbob103

    Middleton Band - Historic Photos

    Hi The Wherryman, Thanks for your advice it is much appreciated, unfortunately no one has yet come up with any suggestions on where to find these so i will have to keep looking! ;) I thought there might be a library somewhere with them all in but maybe not? Thanks again, Jamie.
  2. jimbob103

    Middleton Band - Historic Photos

    Hi, I hope I have posted in the correct place. I am looking for historic photos of Middleton Band, so i can produce a timeline for a presentation i have to give. I can find out a lot of the results thanks to Brass Band Results, but was was wondering if anyone knew if official photos were...
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    Requests to change thread titles

    Thanks! :) :tup
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    Requests to change thread titles

    Hi Please could you change the tile of to Middleton Band Vacancies - Front Row/Flugel and Kit Percussion Required Thanks, Jamie.
  5. jimbob103

    Middleton Band Vacancies - Front Row/Flugel and Kit Percussion Required

    Required: Vacancies have arisen for a flugel or front row cornet player and a kit percussionist for this friendly 2nd section band. Rehearsals are Monday and Thursday evenings at the St. Annes Academy, Hollin Lane, Middleton Contact: enquiries to the or telephone...
  6. jimbob103

    Sold/Expired Premier Pedal Timpani For Sale

    Middleton Band have two Premier pedal timpani for sale a 26″ and a 29″, both in good condition, and have recently had brand new skins. We are looking for offers in the region of £1,200. If you are interested or would like more information please contact the band secretary - Fred...
  7. jimbob103

    Middleton Band - New Website

    Hi Tony, Firstly apologies for really slow reply on tMP! :) Thanks for your comments on the website i'm glad you liked it! We are keeping it up to date as we go! :) Both my self and Crazysop have put some hours into the website! :) All in the name of Middleton Band! So when you get a comment...
  8. jimbob103

    Middleton Band - New Website

    Hi All, We now have a brand new website, which we hope is easier to navigate and follow. On there you can find out all the latest news, our concert dates and much more. Also now available for download are all our CDs, for just 75p per track. Please let...
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    Bands on Twitter

    Middleton Band can be found here!
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    Sold/Expired New Christmas CD from Middleton Band

    Middleton Band are please to announce their brand new Christmas CD is now on sale. All the music on the CD has been wirtten/arranged by Darrol Barry and there are a couple of brand new pieces. Check out or
  11. jimbob103

    Conductor - Middleton Youth Band

    Middleton Band Youth Band have a vacancy for a Conductor. We are a very active Youth Band, with a good range of Christmas and Summer Concerts including a trip every year to Kidderminster for the 1940s weekends. Please take a look at our website; and select...
  12. jimbob103

    Middleton Youth Band Open Rehearsal

    Middleton Youth Band invites you to join us in an ‘Open Rehearsal’ on Monday 29th March 2010 at Boarshaw Primary School, Stanycliffe Lane, Middleton, Manchester, M24 2PB from 6:45pm. Middleton Youth Band rehearses every Monday evening at St Anne’s Academy and caters for players of all...
  13. jimbob103

    Updated Website

    Just thought I would let everyone know Middleton Band have just revamped their website! :D
  14. jimbob103

    Website Publicity and Links

    Thanks Lou!! Heehee! All i was trying to say a very long way round is, would people like a link from to their website, and if poss could they return the favour! :)
  15. jimbob103

    Website Publicity and Links

    Hi, I am just curious if any bands actively publicise their websites and if they do, do they pay or are their any free methods that people would like to share? As I have recently created a new website for Middleton band - and have just created a links page...
  16. jimbob103

    New Website Creation Package

    Hi Mark, On the subject of easy to use packages for website creation. zimplit is fairly new to the internet and extremely easy to use! Check it out at:
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    Wheres your website?

  18. jimbob103

    Middleton Band Website

    Updated Hi, Just to let people know the website has been updated! :) If anyone has any more comments or pointers please let me know, I wont be offended!! Thanks, Jamie.
  19. jimbob103

    Fundraising suggestions!??

    I agree with Claire, I played with Douglas Town Band who did a playathon we did 12 hrs of playing and people could choose what they wanted from a list (so the music in the pads) and it would cost them so much. If you are planning to do this make sure it is well advertised!! Also I find the...
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    Middleton Band Website

    Hi All, Thanks for your replies! Andy I like the pic of you and Lou plenty of concentration! lol! :)