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  1. pbirch

    3c mouthpieces

    Can anyone comment on the similarities or differences between a Denis wick 3c trumpet mp and the Arnold & Sons version ? asking for a friend
  2. pbirch

    Mouthpiece information

    I have never seen a mouthpiece of that era deliberately shaped like that, and to me it does actually look damaged rather than designed. some modern manufacturers are experimenting with asymmetrical mouthpiece designs, but are not common instrument manufacturers did supply the mouthpiece with...
  3. pbirch

    Mute for pbone tenor Bb trombone?

    I have to ask if a p-bone can make enough sound to warrant a practice mute? if so the water bottle method above is a good option, I would suggest a 750ml bottle - remove the cap and poke a few holes in the base. I first heard this from Roger Webster, so it should work
  4. pbirch

    Utilising Music Written for Other Instruments

    here is something that will keep you amused for hours, the Petruuci on line library has masses of public domain music you can down load for free, enter a search term such as bass aria, and you will find loads of things you can work on
  5. pbirch

    WTB Bach Mt Vernon 6 1/2 AL or 6 1/2 A small shank trombone mouthpiece

    I have a 6 1/2 A marked as Vincent Bach Corp. if that is of interest.
  6. pbirch

    Instrument maintenance

    I understand that if you want an instrument to remain dent and scratch free, you encase it in bubble wrap in storage and never use it, my point is that insurance is (or should be) there for genuine mishaps and accidents, but if a repair is down to neglect or carelessness then a contribution from...
  7. pbirch

    Instrument maintenance

    blending, balance and intonation goes on within and between the ears of the players and it really doesn't matter about the brand of the instrument or mouthpiece the player is using. But back to the question of maintenance, my experience shows a few things, players take more care of their own...
  8. pbirch

    New cornet or restoration. Your opinions wanted.

    one other thing to consider is the value of the instrument, and you would have to take better advice than I can give on this, if you ever decided to trade it in or sell it to get a new instrument, then a refurb might be aa good an investment as the lessons
  9. pbirch

    Advice please on a strad 37

    I think you have to bear in mind that opinions are just that, what matters is what you want and how you feel about your trumpet. I am not a trumpet player, and can't really comment on what difference it would make (for better or for worse), and you would be best advised to talk to a professional...
  10. pbirch


    I don't know about that, at least one of our members is a decent saxophonist and might be able to give you a useful opinion
  11. pbirch

    Euphonium Gig bag..........any recommendations?

    Wessex tubas offer one for £90, one of our players has one and he seems happy enough with it
  12. pbirch

    Mouthpiece cleaning

    before you put a lot of effort into these old mouthpieces, you should consider just how useful they might [or might not] be. they are likely to be too small for modern instruments
  13. pbirch

    Instrument water works

    some players don't realise that gravity is a big help, open the water key and the water drain out, you don't need to blow it out. conductors can help by giving players sufficient time between pieces, or movements within pieces to clear water, especially for instruments that don't have water...
  14. pbirch

    Mouthpiece size

    happily, it is back in production and I now have one
  15. pbirch

    Mouthpiece size

    Thanks jack I’ll look them up
  16. pbirch

    Mouthpiece size

    the other mouthpiece of a comparable size is the Les Neish model from Alliance, Unfortunately I lost mine a few months ago, and there seem to be some production issues at the moment but it is a good mouthpiece
  17. pbirch

    Mouthpiece size

    there is actually nothing wrong with a wick 3l mouthpiece, although the size is similar to the Bach 24aw it is a different shape, I think we have a spare one in our band that I could give to your dad for you to try, if you want
  18. pbirch

    Expected Range of a Baritone Player

    i sense there frustration you feel in your situation, and many players do experience the kind of plateau-ing you describe, and looking back over my playing career, I can remember them happening, and the real unhappiness they caused, and the feeling of defeat as I moved to bigger instruments. And...
  19. pbirch

    Expected Range of a Baritone Player

    it is quite difficult to give you any meaningful advice without actually hearing and seeing you play, the usual things people say, like "more air", "more practice" "play in the range you want to improve" are great soundbites, but of little help to you, and so my usual advice is to seek out a...
  20. pbirch

    Tenor Horns with Slide Triggers??

    I suppose that the triggers do form a sort of compensating system, allowing the player some flexibility in how much compensating they do, what is apparent though, in low brass, and particularly in euphoniums, is that the compensating system addresses intonation in the lower register, but the...