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  1. ldmtrombone

    1960s Conn Director Baritone (3rd valve piston needed)

    Last week, I ordered a Conn Director baritone off eBay, for the grand total of $53. The low price was due to the fact that it was missing the case, the mouthpiece, and the 3rd valve piston! I did a mostly fruitless search for "replacement 3rd piston for Conn baritone" and got nowhere...
  2. ldmtrombone

    1910 Holton Collegiate Trombone

    I am selling a 1910 Holton Collegiate trombone in very good condition. I bought this instrument less than two weeks ago off of Reverb. The trombone is silver-plated with a couple places where the plating has been worn through. I re-polished the trombone soon after I received it. I am looking to...
  3. ldmtrombone


    Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I am a clarinet player but have an interest in brass instruments as well. I have a twin who plays the tuba. Most of my family (except the oldest and fourth oldest) play band instruments of some sort or another. I look forward to contributing to this...