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  1. Hot Lips

    Sold/Expired The Cottingham Bands new website

    HI :clap: Good to see Cottingham still working hard. Just like to say thanks for including me in the ex players section, I have fond memories of my time with Cottingham and it is good to see the band continuing and being supportive of other bands in the area too. Keep up the good work! Claire x
  2. Hot Lips

    Original Headlines...

    What about 'such and such is blowing their own trumpet' That one always annoys me intensely!!
  3. Hot Lips

    British Open

    Well as we have to play the thing in a few weeks when would you suggest we look at it. The open comes early this year on the 9th!!
  4. Hot Lips

    Young Ambassadors Brass Band - Luxembourgh Easter Tour

    I see Helen has managed to put the photos up on the website. And yet again I managed to dodge virtually every camera hehe. Well Done Hel!!
  5. Hot Lips

    'Xeno' Sop?

    Well I think the xeno is going to have to go some way to matching up to my beloved schilke. I play on a Bach 7E mouthpiece and have not really had any noticable tuning problems, none that a good ear can't sort out. The Xeno is going to be cheaper that the Schile though, the book price on mine...
  6. Hot Lips

    New Solo for Soprano or any other E flat Instrument

    Hi I would also be interested in hearing this new piece. Am always on the look out for something a little bit different or new on the scene. My email is Thanks
  7. Hot Lips

    Butlins - Results

    In the Champ section bands defence I would like to state that we had two weeks after the Christmas break to rehearse St Magnus and construct an entertainment programme. Time for some bands is short and therefore something has to give. To me the quality of the music will always be the most...
  8. Hot Lips

    Butlins - Results

    'Congrats to Redbridge for a solid second day again...nice to see them represent London so well (just like Nationals) With them coming top on points in the Entertainment section at Butlins the past two years, I wonder if they'll have a go at Brass in Concert' Brass in Concert is an...
  9. Hot Lips

    sop mouthpiece

    Must say am not a fan of the Denis Wick Sop mouthpiece L of otherwise. Bachs are much better.
  10. Hot Lips

    percussionist available

    Perhaps you just arent looking after your players well enough if you cant get a committed section? Well good luck for the future, I do have to say that I resent that remark. We look after our players very well and have a very friendly happy atmosphere. The problem with percussionists is the...
  11. Hot Lips

    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery launch new website.

    After many weeks of work the Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band would like to announce the official launch of their new website registered to the new domain of Here you will find regularly updated news of the band, photographs, a growing history section (we have got a lot...
  12. Hot Lips

    percussionist available

    Hi Personally, I think you are going to find that difficult in the current situation with percussionists in the area. We have a rank of first class percussionists who join us for contests and contests, but we would like to build up a full-time section and this is proving more difficult. We...
  13. Hot Lips

    Cornet and Percussion required Champ Section Yorkshire.

    Aww thanks mate, Just to let you know the cornet vacancy has now been filled but we are still looking for a percussionist! So calling all drummers, we have just had £10K worth of new kit for you to have a good bash on. So give us a ring and check us out. C x
  14. Hot Lips

    Cornet and Percussion required Champ Section Yorkshire.

    The Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band under the direction of Brian Grant are currently on the search for a good quality cornet player to compliment the front row and a kit percussion player. We are a very friendly bunch who rehearse on Mon and Thurs in South Elmsall nr Doncaster. We have a...
  15. Hot Lips

    'Xeno' Sop?

    Yes I'd love to know too. I loved the Xeno trumpet, was a very nice instrument but have never rated Yamaha's on the whole (bang goes my endorsement deal he he) Will be interesting to see if this is as good as Schilkie or Courtois?
  16. Hot Lips

    Solo suggestions

    Thanks, Air Varie type pieces, but want to do something a bit different to my usual Carnival of Venice! Thanks
  17. Hot Lips

    Solo suggestions

    Help!! Am struggling to pick a solo (with piano not band) for competition next month and the entry date is ever looming closer. Am a sop player and cant find anything suitable to play, either too high or needs loads of piano part transposing. Finding stuff for cornet was loads easier...
  18. Hot Lips

    Fleetwood Thread!

    Yeah, Well done Rainford!!! Glad you did so well. x
  19. Hot Lips

    I hear you calling me- words

    Does anyone happen to have the words for the cornet solo 'I hear you calling me'? Need them pretty urgently and having no luck so far. Many thanks
  20. Hot Lips

    Young Ambassadors Brass Band website release

    Yes, well done Helen. A superb site, ahhh to revisit the delights of Weedsport!!!