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  1. T Winch

    Timpani Player Required

    Help required! - TIMPANI PLAYER PLEASE Once again the Area Contest looms and we are in need of a Timpani player to join us! Felling Band have worked hard to build its ranks and are in a much stronger position today. To support this progress, we really need a Timpani player. Ideally we would...
  2. T Winch

    Felling Band

    Felling Band require a Timpani player to complete our line up when we return to the North of England Area Contest on Sunday March 17th. We will be competing in the 2nd Section playing Rise of the Phoenix. Our rehearsals are Thursday Evenings 7:30 to 9:30 and Sundays at a time to be advised at...
  3. T Winch

    Felling Band

    It’s no secret that in the past year or so Felling Band have fallen on hard times. So much so that we find ourselves in a position where we are down to eight or nine regular players. It would be all too easy in this situation to throw in the towel and call it quits. However, those of us that are...
  4. T Winch

    Bells Palsy

    I was just wondering if anyone else on here had suffered from this and if you have any advice on regaining muscle control in the affected side of my face. I got it in February this year and, although I am now nearly fully recovered, I still can't blow an instrument. Six months ago I was playing...
  5. T Winch

    Horn Player Available For Whit Fridays

    Horn player available to do Whit Fridays. Preferably with a Saddleworth/Thameside based band or one that is staying over in the area. Happy to arrange my own overnight accomodation if required.
  6. T Winch

    Horn Duet: Somewhere Out There

    I heard this arrangement years ago at Brass in Concert when it was still held at Spennymoor. I think the band was Ransome and the duetists were the Thackeray twins. It was arranged by a member of the band. I was wondering if anyone knows if it was ever published and where I could get a copy.
  7. T Winch

    Sheona White makes national news headlines

    Listening to the national news on Radio 2 on the way into work this morning I was surprised to hear a news item about Sheona White being the first female player to join Grimethorpe Colliery Band. It received almost as much airtime as the gulf oil leak!! Even more surprising, it wasn't...
  8. T Winch

    Horn Available for Whit Friday

    I appear to be without a band for this years Whit Fridays. Anybody need a horn player? Preferably with a band staying over in the Saddleworth area.
  9. T Winch

    Felling Band Vacancy

    The Felling Band have a vacancy for a 1st Horn. We are a championship section band based in Gateshead. The Felling Band are a very hard working, ambitious band with a full contest diary. Forthcoming contests include the Northern Area Championships, the Fife Brass Band Festival, the Wansbeck...
  10. T Winch

    Any East-Anglian bands going to Pontins

    Are there any bands from Norfolk or Suffolk (or maybe Cambridgeshire) going to Pontins? I have to get across to Norwich afterwards somehow and wondered if I could scrounge a lift on somebodys bus. It doesn't matter where to as I can get picked up the other end. I'm very quiet and don't take up a...
  11. T Winch

    Date for 2009 Northern Regional

    Does anybody know the date of the 2009 Northern Regional Championships? Got to get the skiing hols booked. Hopefully I won't have to fork out £100 to re-book it when they mess the contest dates up this time.
  12. T Winch

    How do you keep your lip in on holiday

    I'm off to Florida in a couple of days for my summer hols. The thing is, I don't have much time when I get back to get my lip in before the Land of Burns contest. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep my lip in while I'm away? I intend taking my mouthpiece but I would be interested to know if...
  13. T Winch

    Horn player looking for band (North East)

    100% Commited horn player seeking band with good rehearsals, busy contest/concert schedule and active social scene. I have held Solo Horn position in 1st section band for several years but would be willing to consider an ambitious lower section band or lower position in championship section band
  14. T Winch

    Anyone fancy a trip to Bradford on Sunday?

    Is there anyone from the Sunderland/Durham area who fancies a trip down to the Yorkshire Areas this Sunday? I don't mind driving. Just ask for a contribution towards the fuel cost. Got room for 3 (4 at a push)
  15. T Winch

    Lost Property

    Did anyone find a red practice mute at Butlins at the weekend? I think I left it in the warm-up room in the Royal Arthur Suite. If anyone found it please contact me as my neighbours would like it returned as soon as possible
  16. T Winch

    Anyone staying at Kensington Close next weekend

    Are there any bandspeople staying in the Kensington Close Hotel next weekend. I had arranged to stay at a mates for the Nationals weekend but he kindly forgot and has taken himself off to Dorset for half term so I've had to book into a hotel. In the process turning a cheap weekend away into an...
  17. T Winch

    Bands on Chris Evans show

    Did Chris Evans deliver on his promise to play a brass band track on his Thursday show? If so what did he play? I was listening till about 6 but heard no mention of it
  18. T Winch

    Hi Everyone

    Been meaning to get round to this for a while. My name is Trevor and I live in Sunderland with my wife Dawn, daughter Danielle & child No. 2 due any day now. I started playing in brass bands in the Salvation Army at Sunderland Millfield then Norwich Citadel. I now play solo horn for GT Group...
  19. T Winch

    Warming up - March or hymn tunes

    What is is the most effective method of starting a rehearsal? Our conductor always starts our rehearsal by blasting down a march (including D.C) which is fine if everyone has taken the trouble to warm up properly beforehand but as most people haven't bothered this can lead to tired lips before...