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  1. supersplit

    Leicester Contest 2016

    Full Results -LBBA Open ’16
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    Leicester Contest Results ?
  3. supersplit

    scaba Entertainment Contest 2013

    Tilbury played Eve Of The War, Wrath, Arnhem, Holy Well and Phoenix.
  4. supersplit

    scaba Spring contest 2013

    I think that refers to Shanklin Town from the Isle Of Wight!
  5. supersplit

    Leicester Contest - Record Entry

    I heard Ashton Under Lyne 1st , A&N 2nd , Hebden Bridge 3rd , Newstead 4th, Clacton 5th, . Sandhurst 10th.
  6. supersplit

    Tune Association Thread 3

    Lets face the music and dance
  7. supersplit

    Paddy's L&SC Area - 2012

    C'mon Paddy! Full entry list here and here
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    Butlins 2012

    Supersplit will be making his Butlins debut in 2012. So what's it like?
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    A 'Last Night of the Proms' Concert with The Tilbury Brass Academy, Ensemble and Band

    Friday 4th November 2011 Tilbury Community Centre The Civic Square Tilbury Thurrock Essex RM18 8AA United Kingdom Admission £5 Doors Open 7pm Brass Academy directed by Daid Klein Wicked Good Vibrations Sunrise Over Blue Ridge The Saints All Night Long Cosi Fan Tutti Walking on...
  10. supersplit

    Cornet / London

    Tilbury is over on the east side of London.!/Tilburyband Very friendly and sociable 2nd section band with busy concert and contest schedule going into 2012. Come and have a blow! Contact Andrea Lewis 07843 011144
  11. supersplit

    Butlins 2012

    Tilbury won't be there in the second section :-( But I think Thundersley and Fulham will be!
  12. supersplit

    scaba Autumn Contest 2011

    Just did it for the weekend! 350 mile round trip give or take! The things we do for family!
  13. supersplit

    scaba Autumn Contest 2011

    I'll be there with Shanklin in the Second section and Tilbury in the First Section!
  14. supersplit

    Wychavon Festival of Brass Entertainment Contest 2011

    We played; The Mission Theme - Williams arr. Austin Buster Strikes Back - Morrison soloist prize for Tim Vinall Copacabana - Manilow arr. Harper Appalatian Air - arr Austin Solum Valeo - Dean Jones
  15. supersplit

    Area Pieces 2012

    Corruption and Bribery would be a good name for a test piece!
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    J. Hartmann's Wiederkehr and S. Liddle's Abide with me with Full Band Accompaniment?

    Does anybody know if these solos have ever been arranged with full band accompaniment? Cheers!
  17. supersplit

    Masters 2011

    A case for open adjudication me thinks? Good luck to all at the Masters. Good to see L&SC so well represented!
  18. supersplit

    Paddy's L&SC Area - 2011

    Really enjoyed my first L&SC area in 7 years! Disappointed with our result (obviously) but good to see the East London Bands going to the finals. Loved the great Melvini's conducting performances - brought back so many memories! Top section was fab! Listened to 10 out of the 12 bands (that was a...