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  1. bumper-euph

    Is it to early.................?

    to speculate what will be the area " minefield's " next, someone must be prepared to hazard a guess a couple of weeks before they are given out.
  2. bumper-euph

    OK first......

    Has anyone any idea of which pieces are being " chosen" for this years National Finals please. (2018.).
  3. bumper-euph

    Sold/Expired FOR SALE. Besson Prestige BE2052 Euphonium in Silverplate.

    I am selling my Prestige Euphonium , I have owned it from new, about 6 1/2 years, it has just had a full professional service , deep clean and polish. Comes with Hard case and J P Gig-Bag. Selling price is £3995. + postage.
  4. bumper-euph

    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Just a theory about the 4th section rubbish..........perhaps it's just to get as many bands as possible to enter therefore more money to the organisers............or am I just being cynical. !! Whatever the thought behind it , we now face a 240 mile round trip to play for under 8 minutes.
  5. bumper-euph

    2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

    Didn't really want to go next year and St. Andrews Variations for the 4th section has made my choice easy, what a truly awful slap in the face for that section.
  6. bumper-euph

    Plastic Tuba's

    Hi everyone, can anyone please tell me if they have tried/played a plastic BBb , as I am thinking of trying one instead of the usual tuba as a disability makes carrying and lifting a brass one too much. Also, if I was to buy one , would it be permissible to use it in contest's...........I would...
  7. bumper-euph

    Musical Director Vacancy.....

    Snowdown Colliery Band, situated between Canterbury and Dover , in the village of Aylesham, Kent, are looking for a Musical Director to start after S.C.A.B.A. contest on 13th September 2015. The band rehearses on a Wednesday evening 19.30 - 21.30. Anyone interested is asked to contact the band...
  8. bumper-euph

    Trombone Hand Support.

    look up ergobone.............
  9. bumper-euph

    Euphonium bore and bell sizes

    Try using an Ergo-bone system......a stainless steel plate is attached to the main tubing by the 4th valve and a rod system then takes all the weight of the Instrument................just google ergo-bone. must be worth a look, I have used one for years. Good luck.
  10. bumper-euph

    Quartet Music.

    Many thanks for your replies..............
  11. bumper-euph

    Quartet Music.

    Would really like some information please on where we can obtain some music for 2 cornets, 1 Eb horn and Euphonium that the 4 of us can practice before we have band rehearsal. We are all capable players and keen to play something we all enjoy but at the moment we only have 1 quartet and its...
  12. bumper-euph

    Brass band scores query

    The reason for the Euph parts like that is that as the Euphonium is such a quiet , timid instrument you need 2 players to make it heard , but baritones are so noisy you only need 1 player on each part. :clap::D
  13. bumper-euph

    Rit vs Rit - English Pastorale

    Rest assured , if your band is in the 4 or 5 report sheets that stay on the table and not one of those on the floor you will have " picked " the correct " rit ". :clap:
  14. bumper-euph

    Kapitol Rules

    Does it make any difference if a player registers say, for a band in England, can he then play for a band in either Wales or Scotland ? or does the rule cover the whole U.K.? Something I've often thought of.............
  15. bumper-euph

    Kapitol Rules

    Why don't they have all the regionals on the same weekend , if there are enough adjudicators, and then you would get the same "band" as you would the rest of the year..........maybe !! The players could then be registered at the start of the year and run for 12 months at a time . :pig
  16. bumper-euph

    Dr Charles Collins.....

    Thank you...........
  17. bumper-euph

    Dr Charles Collins.....

    Are copies still available please ?? Does anyone know ,
  18. bumper-euph

    Welsh League, a silly relocation?

    School holidays have finished then. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. bumper-euph

    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    It might be the backbone of the banding movement,...but I think it's thought of slightly lower down in the anatomy of banding......unfortunately....:-?