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    Pilling Junior Band's Masterclass with Richard Evans

    John, Just a quick note to say I spoke with my nephew who had a great time a the masterclass Well done mate. You are definately making sure that there is a new generation of brass players on the fylde coast. Give me a ring some time, we are well overdue a pint!
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    Looking for a band in Leicestershire area

    Blimey, A lot more bands than I realised. I will have fun looking around Cheers for the offers, I will be in touch
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    Looking for a band in Leicestershire area

    Was that Graeme hall (looks like Lou from Neighbours?) Thanks fo rthe offer but I am really looking for a T- Horn seat to be honest. If you are ever short though drop me an email Cheers
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    Looking for a band in Leicestershire area

    Moved to just of Junction 21 M1 I am quite happy to travel to band, anything within an hour /40 mile away from my house is ok.
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    Looking for a band in Leicestershire area

    Having moved to the Leicester area 6 months ago, finally the 240 mile round trip to my old band has got the better and finished after the area. After a few months of I am starting to miss banding so lloking for a tenor horn vacany. Not really bothered which section or seat, just looking for...
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    'Official' Scottish Open Thread

    Good luck to you guys also. And you know me I wont say no to a pint!! I could do with catching up with you anyway. See you up there
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    'Official' Scottish Open Thread

    So who is depping on Solo Horn for your band Chris?
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    Comeback or dissapear?

    You seem to have a appreciation of a broad range of musical styles, so as a composer yourself, how would you approach composing a test piece? From a listners point of view or something that was designed to truly test a band. In my opinion the problem with some of the more modern test pieces...
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    Sold/Expired Baritone wanted

    I am looking at buying a baritone for a family member. Ideally a decent quality 2nd hand instrument and based in the north west to make it easy to try before he buys. either post reply or pm me
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    Ernest Lomas's vitriolic comment on 4br

    It is not about winning it is about pride in performance, you are there to entertain. Such a black and white view that borrowing is cheating is somewhat naive. Firstly You should take into consideration the reason the player has been borrowed, as simple scenario a player has a death in...
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    Ernest Lomas's vitriolic comment on 4br

    The rules clearly state that you can only borrow from bands of the same section or below. I can only speak for the north west area but I do not know of any situation where this has been overlooked. The only time this may appear to be overlooked is when your national and local gradings are...
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    Ernest Lomas's vitriolic comment on 4br

    To police this properly would mean an international registry. I really don't think the British Registry is ready for that, it still exists in a world of rubber stamps, passport photo's and pritt stick! Give them chance they have just worked out how to use a FAX machine !!
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    Ernest Lomas's vitriolic comment on 4br

    In my opinion the relaxing of the registry rules is simply the registry and BFBB listening to what bands want and delivering. Mr Lomas's comments regarding the 2 borrowed players at the Scottish Open where clearly unfounded come the results. The 2 players concerned may have added to the...
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    Looking for a band in the South West

    There is a possibility I will be relocating to the Poole area in the New Year and looking for a new band. I currently play 2nd Horn for Wingates Band (Champ Section) but have played solo horn for bands in all the other sections. In short not to bothered about where I sit or what section...
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    embarrasing band moment

    Liz, I have plenty of embarassing moments concerning you on trips to Pontins, Finals and pretty much every band job we did at Freck. I won't mention them just yet as I am sure you have an equal ammount on me. Good to see you playing again (and the result at Fleetwood).
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    ....the euph...what?!

    I agree it is difficult. The 2 answers I usually give are, Have you seen Brassed Off? Well it's the instrumnt Ewan McGreggor(sp) plays. Or Do you know what a Tuba looks like? Well a tenor horn is a similar shape but a lot smaller Both very basic answers but shus them up!
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    moving to Preston

    Martin, I am not sure if the seat at Freck has gone yet but if it has try poutlon-le-fylde band they are 1st Section and been looking for a solo horn player since I left last year. Poulton are as based just outside Blackpool but I know one of the cornet players drives from preston so you...
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    How clumsy are you?

    Does this count as clumsy? The follwoing events happend over the last few years... Parked my car at Band forgot to put the handbrake on and it rolled backwards in to the bass players car (Who happened to be my dad) At a contest a number of years ago I managed to swing through a large...
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    What do you do for a living?

    :oops: Thanks for pointing it out. Maybe we should reintroduce the temperance again
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    What do you do for a living?

    Application Engineer. Sell and design solutions for all industries using fibre optic transducers and embed them into SCADA systems etc (2nd man down has already explained so look at his post) Also involved with condtion monitoring systems for National Grid and Railways I look after...