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    What’s happening?

    Hey guys. It’s been a while. what’s happening? Seems a bit dead around here? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ does Burnsey still live here?
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    The Gob Iron

    Has anyone checked out the Facebook group "the gob iron"? I think most of the guys that used to hang around here are over there these days. It's pretty cool, check it out. 登录 Facebook | Facebook
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    Brass Band websites taken too seriously?

    Is it possible that the brass band forums like this one are taken a little seriously by the movements elite? Im a member of many football forums and Sir Alex never rings the owner to complain about whats being said. Shouldn't the "Kings of Brass" and "Dynasties" of our hobby be a little less...
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    Rumour mill 3.

    This is the word on the street at the Albert hall tonight and, Pontins prestatyn! 1. Bob Childs is moving from the valley of Rhondda to Queensbury with David and a couple of other pawns in tow. 2. Tredegars baritone section are the finest in the country. 3. Some euphonium endorcee...
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    Rumour mill, are we being silenced!!

    Apparently (using no names) Its accepted practise to disguise your instrument as another. Even if your a paid endorcee! Repair shops in Wales will do the work for you and. . . You can have your cake and eat it! I've read a coupe of posts here and I want to discuss it, however...
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    Cheating at contests cont . .

    As wooden Flugal closed the previous thread having given us the hours of 1am to 8 am to brig her back on topic I'd like to resurect it here. Please try and stay on topic, or it will be closed. I was enjoying it, Please give your thoughts on: Adjudicators possible smudging result...