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    Sold/Expired Trombone on eBay.

    Just saw this on eBay and thought it may be a good buy for anyone interested:
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    Sold/Expired Bach Mercedes 2 Trombone For Sale.

    I have a Bach Mercedes 2 Trombone for sale! I am selling this Trombone on behalf of a friend- I am a brass player- my primary instrument is a Euphonium, although I also play the Trombone, Bass Trombone and Baritone, the only reason why I haven't bought this trombone is purely because I...
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    New Compositions.

    Hi, I've recentley been composing new songs. I am trying to start a new revolution to make brass instruments more involved in the current expanding music industry. While Rock, Pop, and Electronic songs are usually the most listened to in the current music industry, I believe that there is a way...
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    How much do you reckon for a Willson 2900TA Euphonium?

    Hi, I am in need of some advice, over the past year I have been searching and searching for a decent Besson Prestige 2052/2051 Euphonium. I have recentley decided that I would like to purchase one in the future. For me to purchase a Besson Prestige Euphonium I would need to sell my brilliant...
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    Denis Wick 2AL Mouthpiece.

    I saw this on eBay if anyone's interested:
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    Sold/Expired Professional Euphonium WANTED!

    Hi, I have recentley been searching for a new Euphonium. I currently play a Wilson 2900, and I am interested in purchasing, either a Besson Prestige 2052/2051 second hand, or a Sterling Virtuoso Euphonium, and possibly a Yamaha YEP-842S Euphonium. I may also consider part exchanging my Wilson...