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    Sold/Expired Michale Rath Nickel Bell Section For Sale

    Hi all, I have a Rath 9 1/2" Nickel Bell section for sale, comes with Black/Purple GIG bag. Next day delivery service. £350 pm me if your interested or email me at cheers fridge
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    Sold/Expired R9 Nickel Bell

    Hi All I have a bell section for an R9 available. Made from Nickel. Excellent bell section, gives the instrument a real ping. All reasonable offers considered Alex H
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    Sold/Expired Rath R9 Bass Trombone

    I have a Rath R9 Bass Trombone for Sale, it was brand new in January of 2007 and only used for 6 months, I have had to stop playing as my embechoure has collapsed and I have not managed to play a note in the last 16 months. Trombone comes with Nickel Bell and Tuning Slide, Red Brass Dual bore...
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    Sold/Expired Wanted - Solotone Trombone Mute

    Hello everyone on TMP!!! I am playing in the orchestra pit for "Annie" at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings in 3 Weeks time and I really need to Buy/Borrow/Hire a Solotone (sometimes called Cleartone) mute for my Tenor trombone. Can anyone help me?? Please either reply to this thread or...
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    Southend - Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HI CAN ANYBODY HELP ME PLEASE. This saturday 15/04 I am depping on bass trombone with the touring production of Beauty and the Beast at southends pavillion theatre. I had,( untill twenty minutes ago) a lift arranged with a friend to take me back home to sunny hastings the same night. I...
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    Help With Spectrum

    Does anybody have programme notes on Gilbert Vinters Spectrum?? Or any information on Vinter himself. Need information for a university project. Any help would be greatfully recieved Many thanks Fridge
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    Can Any One Help Me!!!!

    Hi, I,ve just recently been asked to go and play in the orhcestra pit for Beauty and The Beast for a feew weeks. One of those weeks the show is in Sunderland at the Empire thetre and I am really struggling to find accommodation that I can afford. Are there any tmp'ers who live in the area...
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    Who watched it!!! I thought it was brill. Specially den having to get killed off twice!!!!
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    Salford University Brass Band

    On Wednesday the 23rd of Feb. Salford University Brass band will be giving a lunchtime recital (1pm), at Peel Hall, Salford University. This concert will feature both of Salford University Brass Band and the Adelphi Brass Band. Adelphi Brass band, which is conducted by third year...
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    Share My Yoke

    Share My Yoke Joy Webb arr. Ivor Bosanko Does any one know where I can get an arrangement of this with Piano or Organ backing, or written for Piano or Organ?? any help would be great. many thanks Fridge
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    Spennymoore Photography

    Does anybody know who I can get in contact with, with regards to getting hold of pictures from spennymoore, I know there was some one there, but cant find out who it is. Any help would be much obliged Fridge
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    Buying stuff from abroad

    Just bought a new mouthpiece from the states. It worked out cheaper for me to sit here and buy it that get on the train to go and purchase one. Why does everything cost so much over here!!!!
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    Does anyone here have an aol email account, are they having problems trying to log in?? every time I try all I get is "there was an error" and have to try again!!! Frustrating!!!
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    Sold/Expired Sheet music with piano parts.

    As you may have seen I am selling my euphonium, when going through my music collection I found a range of solo's and exam pieces which are still in very very good condition. So I'm selling these as well. If your interested please contact me at TWO FAURE DUETS - Stephen...
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    Sold/Expired Melton 451 Euphonium for Sale

    I have a Melton 451 euphonium for sale, its specs are as follows: 451: Bb-Euphonium 4 piston steel valves compensated Bore: .590in (4th valve .669in) Silver Plate Bell diameter: 11.8in This is a great hooter!! I bought it in November 2002when my trombone teacher said it would...
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    Massed Bands and Fine Arts Brass Quintet, Hastings

    This saturday, 3rd of April, Battle Town Band and Sussex Brass will take to the stage of the White Rock Theatre in Hastings, along side a scratch youth band and the Fine Arts Brass Quintet. This promises to be an evenig of entertainment and fine playing, with featured soloists from all...
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    Forgetting things

    Now, Had a rather senile moment this week when I traveled back to manchester from hastings, and got to university to realise I'd left my trombone slide behind after having switched instrument cases. Just wondering if anyones had the experiance of leaving anything bigger or more...
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    Sold/Expired Doug Yeo Signature Mouthpiece Silver Plated

    For Sale 1 Doug Yeo Signature Mouthpiece, Silver Plate, Perfect Condition, 35 quid pm me if interested
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    National Youth Brass Band of Scotland

    Does anyone one know Aileen Snell, she either used to play for NYBBS or still does, I need to get in contact with her but dont have her email address, can someone plese pm me or email me at Thanks very much
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    Wanted - Front row, rep and baritone players @ Staylybridge

    Staylybridge old are looking for two front row cornet players, a repiano player and a baritone player for the upcoming preston contest and the area. If anyone is interested please contact Joe 07796266903 Richard 07717871767 Alex 07743855673 or email me John 01613392871