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    Nembba contest feb 23rd

    Calling all Midland 1st Section Baritone and Eb Bass players-are your band going to NEMBBA? If not,why not have your own run-out on Cry of the Mountain and come and help us out at Carlton Brass! One of our Bass players is currently galavanting around Australia and is refusing to commute back...
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    Sold/Expired Yamaha Silent Brass

    Hi all I've recently finished playing due to health problems and I've got a Tenor Trom Silent Brass for sale.It's been specially modified to fit any Baritone instrument and could also be easily restored to fit any trom. It's hardly been used(never practiced much anyway)!and is complete with...
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    BBb bass required

    Carlton Brass(nottm) urgently require a BBb bass for the forthcoming contest at leamington spa.We are a friendly 1st section band led by Walter Richie BEM. If you're interested either PM me or phone 07870637309 or contact our chairman john bailey on thank-you
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    whit friday junior/youth sections

    having just read the results for both Saddleworth and Tameside regions it got me thinking as to what constitutes entry to the junior/youth sections i.e what age limit is imposed,how many if any adults you are allowed to play? It seems strange to me how a band who are nationally graded as 2nd...
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    strongbow advert

    Does anybody know (on the new strongbow tv advert) who the tuba player is or what band is featured or are they using actors.