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  1. robcav

    Sold/Expired Xeno Cornet for Sale

    On behalf of a friend, I am advertising a 12 month old Xeno cornet (YCR8335G) which is in excellent condition. It comes in a hard cornet case with a Yamaha David King mouthpiece. This model is currently retailing at around £1800 but could be yours for £600 ONO plus postage. If you are...
  2. robcav

    What's Your Favourite Concert Finale?

    The title speaks for itself, I suppose. Whether you've played it or just heard it, which piece has most impressed you as a concert finisher?
  3. robcav

    IN Concert with Alfie Boe & Becky Jane Taylor

    Opera star Alfie Boe to appear with Innovate Skelmanthorpe Band The British operatic tenor star Alfie Boe is to appear as the special guest of the Innovate Skelmanthorpe Band in a concert at HUDDERSFIELD TOWN HALL on Saturday 9th June 2007 (7.15 start) Tickets are priced at £12/15/20 Alfie...
  4. robcav

    Someone must know..

    ...which test pieces were set for the area championship section in years gone by. Can anyone direct me to a list or provide a list? The reason I ask is because I was trying to remember in which year Journey into Freedom was set as the area test piece in the top section. I was at the Yorkshire...
  5. robcav

    New Music for Euphonium - advice needed.

    Following a post on another thread, highlighting a new work for euphonium, I wondered if any euphonium players, conductors, composers or other interested, in-the-know parties could advise me or point me in the right direction of some relatively new euphonium solos with band. I'm a little out of...
  6. robcav

    National Finals Test-Pieces 2005

    Can this be true? I have been informed by our secretary that the date by which we learn of the National Finals contest test piece is to be some time in June. I was under the impression that this announcement would be made after the last area contest. Surely, if these decisions have been made...