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  1. Jacob Larsen

    Sold/Expired BrassFactory - Music Publishing

    BrassFactory - Music Publishing "A new and easy way to find music to Your next concert. No more waiting on sheet muisc: The "View, pay, print, play"-idea gives you instant access to the arrangements and compositions for brass band, concert band and various brass ensembles. See and hear the...
  2. Jacob Larsen

    Sold/Expired - brass music ONLINE

    A new and easy way to find music to Your next concert. No more waiting for sheet muisc - The "View, pay, print, play"-idea gives you instant access to the arrangements and compositions for brass band, concert band and various brass ensembles. See and hear the music - pay - print - play...
  3. Jacob Larsen

    ... a little snack

    ... a little snack
  4. Jacob Larsen

    Alta Vista - Recording ????

    Hi... Im looking for a recording of "Alta Vista" by Bruce Fraser.... Has it been recorded yet ??????????
  5. Jacob Larsen

    YORKSHIRE TOUR 2009 - Århus Brass Band

    YORKSHIRE TOUR 2009 The Danish top band Århus Brass Band is touring the Yorkshire region from July 5th to 13th 2009. The band was founded in 1924 and is one of the oldst brass bands in Denmark. Århus Brass Band was Danish Champions from 1998 to 2000 and are currently holding the 3rd place...
  6. Jacob Larsen

    Sold/Expired The Cucoo (Elgar Howarth) W. Hogarth Lear

    Im trying to find the sheetmusic for Tuba feature "The Cucoo" by (Elgar Howarh) or W. Hogarth Lear.. Does anyone know where I can buy this ? Grimethorpe CB played it at the Brass In Concert 2005.... Thanks in advance... JVL
  7. Jacob Larsen

    Listen to recordings from the Danish Nationals

    The Danish Brass Band Associations (DAO) has published all recordings from the Danish BB Nationals on their webpage... :clap: Have a listen :)
  8. Jacob Larsen

    Recording Help !!

    Hi everybody... I looking for two recordings. 1. Malcolm Arnold Variations (Martin Ellerby) and 2. Infinity (Robert Redhead)... Does they excist ? yet ?? or does anyone have these pieces recorded from the contests ????? I just want to have a listen and see if it could be something for my...
  9. Jacob Larsen

    Sold/Expired March - The Call of The Brave

    A new march written for the Frederikshavn FDF Brass Bands jubilee. Have a listen and view the score at Sibelius Music . com Let me know what you think :) JVL
  10. Jacob Larsen

    Sold/Expired Andantino from 4th Symphony (Brass Band) - Tchaikovsky

    Andantino from 4th Symphony by Tchaikovsky arranged for brass band. Kindest JVL
  11. Jacob Larsen

    HELP - Parts & Score "Gardenrain"

    Hi Does anyone know if this piece is availeble at any publishers ???? Or how I can get it... Toru Takemitsu´s "Gardenrain" The piece was played by Grimethorpe & Elgar Howarth in the 70s..... Kindest Jacob V. Larsen
  12. Jacob Larsen

    Vienna Nights in Denmark

    Danes opt for Vienna The Elite bands in Denmark will have to get to grips with 'Vienna Nights' at their Nationals in November. It has been announced by the Danish Brass Band Federation (DAO) that Professor Philip Wilby's 'Vienna Nights' will be the set work for the Elite bands at the National...
  13. Jacob Larsen

    Sold/Expired Summertime (Brass Quintet)

    A new arrangement of Gershwin´s famous evergreen "Summertime" for classic Brass Quintet (with brass bands parts). Jazz style with impr. solo (written out).. Kindest JVL Ps. drop a few word and let me know what you...
  14. Jacob Larsen

    Sold/Expired New BB Composition - St. Denio Metamorphosis

    On saturday 21th April 3 of my compositions was premiered at the Danish FDF Championsships 2007. The pieces was very popular with audience and I would like your comment... 1. St. Denio Metamorphosis, Op. 20 - Is a commission from Frederikshavn FDF Brass Band and is based on the Welsh hymntune...
  15. Jacob Larsen

    Music For The Moving Image ???

    Hi... Im looking for at recording of the Philip Wilby piece.. "Music For The Moving Image".. Does anyone know if this piece is recorded ?? or where to get it ??? Kindest JL
  16. Jacob Larsen

    Sold/Expired Musicstand Banners - HELP

    Im looking for a company that makes banners for musicstands.. Does anyone know some www adresses ??????????????? JL
  17. Jacob Larsen

    Sold/Expired Joy To The World ! for BB & SATB Choir

    Joy To The World ! for BB & SATB Choir
  18. Jacob Larsen

    Sold/Expired Brass Composers Site - A database of brass band composers

    Check this site out.. A great databaese with details about brass band composers.. JL
  19. Jacob Larsen

    Celtic Fusion by Robin Dewhurst

    Hi... Does anyone know if "Celtic Fusion" by Robin Dewhurst is published ? And how many movements are there ? How are they like ? Has the whole piece been recorded ? Lots of questions :) Hope someone can help... Kindest
  20. Jacob Larsen

    Sold/Expired March - Jingle Bells availeble on Sibelius Music

    An little march on the famous Jingle Bells. The words and music were written in 1857 by James Pierpont for a Thanksgiving program at his church in Boston. It was so well received that the children were asked to repeat it at Christmas. It has been a Christmas song ever since. Click below to...