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    1 step forward 2 steps back...

    Some good advice from all involved here. Cornet Nev is right, you could do with a change of instrument and if you had a spare £600 to £700 could probably pick up a Sovereign 928 in decent condition for that sort of price which you would loose very little money on if you decided to sell it on...
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    NW Area Disqualification!!

    Whether you agree with Kapitol setting up BBP or not (they have done it and that's the end of it), if I was Kapitol, I'd be looking to offer those NW Bands who are disqualified for using BBBR cards the opportunity to play at the finals only if they register and use the BBP cards. Kapitol would...
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    Brighouse to recruit women

    I think you miss the point of Bones post and the reasons of why it is an excellent post - it's nothing to do with race, sex, disability or sexual orientation, it's to do with the fact of whether you feel musically satisfied playing in the band you are with. I wholeheartedly agree with those...
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    Brighouse to recruit women

    :clap: Excellent post
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    4 Bars Rest interview.

    I wasn't there at the weekend and didn't hear the standard of cornet playing in the 2nd Section. I'm a firm believer that nobody would ever go on stand to play a bad performance and that players perform to the standards that their MD's request. However, I do believe that Mr Buckley is trying...
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    Paddy's Spring Festival 2010

    Felling are invited to the Trophy and will be there.
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    Spring Festival 2008

    Well Done Chief and to all my mates at EYMS! Special result for you and I'm really chuffed for you all.
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    Official tMP North of England Regional 2008 thread

    Cheers Chief! Great to see you & the gang again yesterday. See you soon no doubt!
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    Durham League Contest Date

    We have around 90% of the Band who make BIC an annual event now it's held at the Sage so if the date is the 16th, I doubt very much my band will be there. I have a very loyal and committed band who throughout the banding calender make many sacrifices to attend rehearsals, engagements and...
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    Sold/Expired Besson Prestige Cornet for sale!

    I've blown this very instrument and trust me, it's a beast! Total bargain for the money. If I hadn't just bought a new xeno, I'd be after this cornet........
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    A Short Guide to Preparing to Record a Brass Band CD

    Keith, Just want to put my sincere thanks on record to You, Gareth & Rob for your hard work last weekend. The service you provided was second to none. I have recorded with Doyen previously and had an expectation of what a 'quality' recording session should be like and in all honesty, you...
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    Regionals 2008: Championship Section Test Piece: Festival Music

    Not likely chaps! :wink: See you Wednesday
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    Area Test Piece Rumours for 2008

    :clap: 100% agree with that!:clap: I don't understand why this isn't standard practice when Kapitol make their press release announcing the pieces. I'd be interested to hear the reasons why this isn't their standard practice and if they'd consider the idea. You've inspired me to write a letter JR!
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    Regional Dates

    Think you've got about as much chance as being bitten by a giraffe mate!:wink:
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    Durham Mineworkers Gala... Who's going?

    Felling are also there this year marching the Houghton & Lambton Banners in. Just found out tonight that Ricky Tomlinson is with us with a fim crew from the BBC, should be interesting...........
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    DCBBA Picnic in the Park Entertainment Contest

    Aye too right Lauradoll! Have since found out the contest maybe held at the County Hall if the weather is bad. Really hope it is, would hate the contest to be cancelled because we've really worked hard over the last week.
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    DCBBA Picnic in the Park Entertainment Contest

    Does anybody know if there's contingency plans in case of bad weather???!
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    National Finals Test Pieces 2007 - what are your preferences?

    If it's owt like your potting skills (pool, not plants) then I'm not suprised mate! Congrats on the fab result at the Trophy, hope you didn't have too good a celebration without me!;)
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    National Finals Test Pieces 2007 - what are your preferences?

    You'll be having a crack at the trombone part then will ya?!! Will get the Dragon out on Wednesday night for you to have a go at on yer double b :clap: