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    Which section for these test pieces ?

    Great selection of pieces and all contain their own demands for end chairs, ensembles and MD's -maybe the question should be altered slightly to ask if they should ever be selected a set test pieces in a particular section - at various times bands can be in differant positions to tackle a given...
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    John Harrison vs Joseph Harrison vs Jack Harrison

    I have a number for John Harrison's (but we all called him jack) son - if you Pm me I will pass on.
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    What does B.B. and C.F. stand for?

    Basses are very tired and so are the cornets!
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    Concerto De Aranjuez

    Sorry for the typo's!
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    Concerto De Aranjuez

    Does anyone know if a piano accompniament is available for this solo, my daughtrer wants to play it at a school music festival?
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    St Georges Day Help The Heroes - Players Required for Charity Event

    - Sorry Jason, Hebden have an engagement that day
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    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2012

    Oops - nr 1 for us - and - placed 12th - felt better than that to me, but as I spent the rest of the day in the bar probably not best placed to criticise the results - well done Dyke - and also well done to my 2 daughters in Elland Silver, that was a class above in the third section (IMO)
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    Player Transfer Welsh to English registry

    We are looking to signa new player for the areas, currently registered with a Welsh registrtaion card. Does any one know if this is dealt with as a transfer to the English registry or would it be treated as a new registration?
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    Area Pieces 2012

    Thats why we got a 4 valve bari then! Not sure it even works (Horn player converted to Bari!)
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    Paddy's British Open - 2011

    Anyone know how relegation is calculated, and if so who has been unlucky after yesterdays contest?
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    Bass Trom Needed for Brighouse March Contest this sunday

    Many thanks for the offers we recieved, position sorted and looking forward to the contest.
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    Hebden Bridge March & Hymn Tune Contest 2011

    Or call Ian Plant on 07831 833479 and entry forms will be sent out
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    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2011

    Just heard that Old Silkstone aren't going this year, and they now don't show on the Yorkshire website - commiserations to all those at Old Silkstone who I am sure will have been working their n...s off to get a band together - its getting really worrying seeing the number of bands struggling...
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    Triggers - what do you think?

    I think that the introduction of triggers was driven by the virtuosic players who acted in the development of the instruments, where compromises were made in the intonation of notes on non-trigger instruments these seem to have been removed on the modern instruments with triggers. Top F on a...
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    Just listened to the clip on the website and it sounds great quality - can anyone say what the piece is and who arranged it - wouldn't mind getting hold of it for my band
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    Harrogate Accomodation

    Thanks for all enquiries accomodation now let
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    Harrogate Accomodation

    Still available - just trying to recover some costs for the band - obvioulsy willing to consider discounting
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    Hebden Bridge Brass Band - vacancies

    Hebden Bridge Band Hebden Bridge Band are on the look out for a quality cornet player to complement the team ready for their first season in the Championship section due to losing a player to University (good luck Jack and thanks) after the National finals in September. We have a balanced...
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    Harrogate Accomodation

    Due to last minute problems we have a spare twin room available on the night of Saturday 25th September at the Holiday Inn next door to th convention centre. Please PM me if you are interested in this.