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  1. barrytone

    Championship/Top 1st Section Band

    Still looking xxx
  2. barrytone

    Paddy's 1st Section National Finals - 2012

    Would have thought Unite would have been favourites after they won Yorkshire area? So pleased to see them and the Imps back into the champ section xxxxx
  3. barrytone

    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2012

    If you do Carnaval Romaine ala Yorkshire Imps tempo, it's about 7 mins 40 secs! Hope they can manage 10 mins! xxxx
  4. barrytone

    Championship/Top 1st Section Band

    I am looking for a second baritone seat in either a Championship or top First Section band; recently relinquished such a position due to work but now work is sorted and no longer an issue; Yorkshire area or North West area but fairly close to Yorkshire border; pm me for more details, thank you
  5. barrytone

    Paddy's Butlins National Mineworkers Championships - 2012

    Yorkshire Imps are on sparkling form, gotta fancy them to win
  6. barrytone

    Butlins 2012

    Yorkshire Imps are there, love a nice trip to Skeggy in winter, can't beat it! xxx
  7. barrytone

    Open meeting at the YHBBA

    Sorry it's the same day as the scottish open or I would have loved to have come along for a listen
  8. barrytone

    Do You Need To Be Grade 6 Or Above To Play In A Top Brass Band?

    Only got up to my grade 5, but I play well beyond that level; I have never been asked what grade I have and have played in several champ/top bands; tbh some players that I have heard who have the qualifications, can't play to an acceptable level so can't see it really matters; it's not what you...
  9. barrytone

    Paddy's Cheltenham - 2011 (1st Section)

    Why have the odds changed so much, is it because we all know now what piece we're playing? Yorks Imps haven't beaten Hammonds recently, I really don't understand why Hammonds have slipped so far down the odds, everyone is tipping them to win! xxx
  10. barrytone

    Brighouse March Contest 2011

    Yorkshire Imps are there, looking forward to it! xxx
  11. barrytone

    Hebden Bridge Brass Band

    Well said Rick! Come on people, lets stick to topic! xxx
  12. barrytone

    Hebden Bridge March & Hymn Tune Contest 2011

    Sorry we're not available this year, best of luck with it though, hope it all goes well xxx
  13. barrytone

    Royal wedding;Who is working?

    I work for myself so I am working, got a full nine hour day Friday as usual, don't work, don't get paid and all my clients are happy for me to work that day so off I go! xx
  14. barrytone

    Sold/Expired Instrument Repairer Needed

    Had a really bad experience with Octave Above, well two in fact, but have learned my lesson. Anyone who is in any doubt of their abilities is welcome to look at the "lacquering" they did to my baritone that now needs to be acid stripped, and that's a clue as to how good it is!! NOT
  15. barrytone

    Sold/Expired Instrument Repairer Needed

    Will try Tony Bertram-Smith, thanks for that information. Have bought a hacksaw and two tape measures Pete, will let you know how it goes if it comes to me doing a butchery job! xxxx
  16. barrytone

    Sold/Expired Instrument Repairer Needed

    Did that with the mouthpiece Pete, got better but still not sharp enough, thanks for the advice though! xx
  17. barrytone

    Sold/Expired Instrument Repairer Needed

    I need an instrument repairer in West Yorkshire who can shorten the main tuning slide on my three valved sovereign baritone. It's a newish instrument but is very flat, it has become an issue when I am playing in bands in all registers of the instrument and needs sorting asap. I need the...
  18. barrytone

    Wedding walking out music

    My sister came into her wedding to Prince of Denmark's March and left to Handel's Music from Royal Fireworks. Sounded absolutely briliant! My banding friend came into Knight Templar and left to the Finale from Year of the Dragon; bit of an eccentric choice but sounded great!
  19. barrytone

    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2011

    Was determined not to get involved in this debate, but feel I need to comment. Nuke is not bitter, the adjudicators said on stage there were two outstanding performances, worthy of championship section bands, they made no comment on the bands that finished behind them; except to say it was hard...
  20. barrytone

    Paddy's Yorkshire Area - 2011

    Happened in 2005, it could happen again and with Imps needing to win to gain promotion, it will certainly be an exciting final.