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  1. J

    Grimethorpe Sop

    Any news on who'll be on Sop for Grimey at the Area?
  2. J

    New Bass Trom at BBC Symphony

    BBC Symphony Orchestra appoint Rob O'Neil as Bass Trombone. Good to see one of the most popular young players in the business land one of the top jobs. Well done Rob. :clap:
  3. J

    Black Dyke's Grand Slam - 25 years on...

    It's 25 years since Black Dyke completed their clean sweep of contests in 1985. BBC Band of the Year, Yorkshire Area, European, Open and Nationals. Who can name the members of that band? Where are they all now?
  4. J

    Are Grimethorpe a spent force?

    The discussion pages following the departure of Roger Webster and several other quality players generated some of the most heated debate seen on The Mouthpiece. Lots from the remaining sources at Grimethorpe at the time that the band would go on as if nothing had happened... News since doesn't...
  5. J

    EABBA Brass Day Norwich

    Just been speaking to a friend who attended the Brass Day in Norwich on Sunday. Directed by Chris Jeans who seems to have been a big hit. Was there any other '' contributors there? Who were the tutors?
  6. J

    Judged by your peers?

    I'm sure every bandsman has at some time complained about a result, it's part of the fun. What seems a little hard to take is when those pronouncing judgement have never themselves conducted/or played in a band of at that level. I'm sure there will be lots of names that come to mind, but why...
  7. J

    Things were better in the old days...

    While there is so much good in the brass band movement today why is it that when we come to the selection of composers for test pieces are we left looking like the poor relatives of banding in the 40's and 50's? As far back as 1928 we had the likes of Holst composing for bands, 1930 Elgar...
  8. J

    Bring the Nationals back to London

    Well done to all the bands for putting on such good shows at last weekends lower section finals in a venue that was never designed to be a concert hall. It is a Conference Centre, the name sort of gives it away... It may be an excellent venue for the organisers but not for performers. It was...