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    The 'Official' tMP North of England Regional Thread

    Adjudicator's Comments We got some interesting comments but I can't help wondering what he wrote about the other bands in our section (1st). That's maye just being nosy but on sunday I did a big band competition and the adjudicator read out all the bands comments and even had a bit of banter...
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    did you know...

    The only way to drink cider is to mix it with lager and black
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    Durham Uni Colleges Bar Crawl

    This year I will try my best to turn up to the rehearsal having been home the night before. I may even not be wearing my tux from the previous night and won't try and play the Saint-Saens organ symphony in Durham cathedral without any music. How many people are interested in a Durham bar crawl?
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    Durham Uni Colleges Bar Crawl

    Klute and then the bish, Oh Dear Maybe we could drag Ray out with us!
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    Who is Children of Sanchez arranged by? I played it in a big band but didn't know there is a brass band arrangement. Is it any good?
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    Durham Uni Colleges Bar Crawl

    Neil, you do know that we're playing Mahler 1 on the friday? I'm playing the the 4th part where I sit there for 50 mins and only have about 5 notes to play but there's a bit more in it for you though. Thursday sounds OK but if Marcus or Nath find out they won't be happy.
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    Durham Uni Colleges Bar Crawl

    Most colleges will let in guests (students or non-students) providing they are with Durham students so if we got enough durham students then it would probably be fine. If some places are awkward there are plenty more to go at and there's always the option of overrunning to such fine places as...
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    One for all you soon to be ex students!

    Point 54: You get paid to sit on your a*se every day instead of being charged thousands of punds in tuition fees for the priveledge Being a student is hard work. You have to allocate time to spend in the pub, at band and occasionally in lectures and managing your time like this...
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    What was your fisrt Solo?

    My first Euphonium solo was Blaydon Races, first trombone solo was a big improv in either Green Onions or Malaguena with school big band.
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    Beer drinkers

    It could be a heavy weekend then: Whit Friday's, Grey Day, Aidan's Beer Fest, Collingwood Day, Day Off then Grey Ball. Neil, are you staying around for the Durham Uni Brass Band Concert (sneaky plug for anyone that wants to come and listen) on Sunday 20th (only a couple of days after the...
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    What BRAND of mouthpiece do you play?

    Bach 5GB for Tenor Trom Bach 1 1/2G for Bass Trom DW4AL for Euph I find the VB5GB is much more flexible and powerful for the trom but can be a bit too brutal for the euph.
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    Beer drinkers

    Sorry, wasn't trying to turn it into the 'best college in Durham debate'. Beer is a universal medium that should be enjoyed by anyone wherever they please.
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    Beer drinkers

    Do you know of anywhere else that has an annual cheese eating competition? Cheese + Beer = Interesting
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    Beer drinkers

    I agree trevs is confusing, hexagons all over the place (it's so easy to get lost). All the Durham college bars have character and the only way to do them justice is to go round them all. Personally I'd rather spend £2 or so on a silky smooth pint of well looked after ale from the 'shakey'...