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    Rhapsody for Euphonium - HELP

    Hey guys Quick question - Is the Rosehill Music published edition of Rhapsody for Euph the same version as the Windwood Music version? They're both by James Curnow so probably are but you never know so thought I'd check THanks!xx
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    FAO - Real Radio FM Listeners

    Hi - just wondered if anyone could tell me where Umberto has gone?! Used to love listening to him on the way home from Barnsley, and i goes to turn the radio on and he has gone... it's now someone else. Can anyone shed any light?!
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    Help Needed Please

    I know this is a busy time for everyone but I need your help. For my University course, i need to produce a portfolio regarding a topical subject. I began with Racism, but soon realised that it was too sensitive a subject to question people about. So here I am - I decided to choose gun...
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    Music for the Common Man help!

    On the first bari part, has anyone else noticed that on the 3rd page - bar number 255...the G minim and the G crotchet (to F#) in the next bar sound very out of place in the chord? I keep thinking im lost and coming in wrong even when i count properly, can anyone shed some light? Thanks xx
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    Valve Guide Help - (huddersfield)

    My third valve guide has snapped and everyone knows there is a chance if im playing FFF i could blow my eyes out if it i need replacements and VERY quickly. anyone know of a music shop around Huddersfield, or even in Manchester/Leeds that will definately have them and would...
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    Euphonium looking - Hudds area

    Hey :) I'm coming to Huddersfield uni later in the month, and am looking for a nice band to join in the area. I'm willing to travel nearer to Leeds but i would need a lift to and from band in that case! I'm of Grade 8 Standard but i suppose that doesnt matter. I'm looking for more of a...
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    Recital Help - Napoli

    I was wondering if anyone can help me with my recital notes for my 20min recital. I have to give the audience some 'interesting' information about the music i am playing and i have got some for most of my pieces apart from 'Napoli' by Herman Bellstedt and arranged by Geoffrey Brand. Any help...
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    A2 Music Recital - help please!

    For my A2 recital, i need to perform for 20mitues, and they need to be linked together by a theme. Me and my teacher thought of Mediterrenean (sp?!) Folk Songs. So far i have Napoli - from Italy, Second Mvt of Euph Wilby Concerto for the Zebiekiekos from Greece, and possible Tambourin from...
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    St Helens Youth&Sir Willard White - Lowry Theatre Salford

    12th December 2004 in Salford. it looks to be a really good concert! also featuring Jazz Trumpeter Guy Barker find out more and how to buy Look forward to seeing you all there!!
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    RESOLVED: Calendar

    Why wont it let everyone view it? i cant view it, and i'm just wondering why?
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    urgent - really need your help!!

    i have a small hole in my euph, it's big enough to make a buzzing noise when i play and i have a contest on sunday that im playing a solo in. I've stuck some blu-tac over it for the time being (til my dad gets home) but it wnt last long as it keeps falling off. What else can i do?!
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    Crazy Nation

    some people will do anything for money! Look at this! Glastonbury mud Another one... for £150
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    Rainford Band - NW *Rhyl Contest* - Horn player

    4th July 2004 - all day!! we are 3rd section for this contest we are a really nice friendly band from NW and we need a horn player to play at rhyl contest. We are playing a fairly challenging programme, and you will need to come to a few rehearsals. if you are interested, and would liek...
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    euphonium, lancashire/merseyside

    Intrument: Euph/Baritone Conductor/Compere: eh? Location/Region: Northwest - St. Helens Grade: 8 - with honours, passed in 2004 Name: Aimee Twist Contact Details: email, or PM me for my mobile number Instrument(s) played: Euph/Baritone Section of Band you are comfortable to...
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    Calling All Rugby League Fans

    Sign This Petition It's for the BBC showing the Super League show to the whole country. Just edited this to make the link correct! -Fishsta
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    Bollywood Brass! - 28th February Blackburn

    "The Bollywoods are working with top conductor Elgar Howarth and the Natonal Youth Brass Band on 'Brass Fusion', a project finishing with a gala performance at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester in May next year. With funding from 'Youth Music', we will be doing performances and workshops with local...
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    St Helens Youth - Percussionists Required!

    Hello all you TMp-ers! St. Helens Youth Brass Band, (North West) require quite a few percussionists to bang a few things on a Saturday morning. We have three tiers of band playing: - A Band (youth band) B Band (Training Band) C Band (beginners band) We require percussionists for...
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    Bad Habits

    Just been sat here biting my nails and thought, why do i do it? i want really long nails without paying an arms and a leg every fortnight for fake ones. Then i thought, i wonder if anyone else has any bad habits...?
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    Music Teachers

    Why is it that music teachers both peripatetic and school/college think their work is more important than anyone elses?! My friend had a music lesson before and her teacher told her she couldn't have a job, play in two bands, do Gr.5 theory, and an NYBB audition plus colege work. fair enough...
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    Rainford Silver Band - 6th December

    Hey all, Rainford have a christmas concert held in the local parish hall just off the Rainford Bypass, it should be at around 7.30/7.45pm but if anyone is interested then email me at and i will arrnage tickets to be reserved. Tickets cost £5 and usually a good ngiht...