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  1. baridis

    Gig bag for Prestige baritone

    Hi all, I'm looking for as decent gig bag for my Prestige baritone. Not particulalrly bothered if it's leather or fabric. I don't really want a 'gig-bag' though. I have seen a fabric Reunion blues one for euphonium which looks really good - do they do them for baritone? (I can't seem to track...
  2. baridis

    Masters 2011

    Does anyone have a definitive list of the bands taking part this year? Cheers all!
  3. baridis

    Sold/Expired Getzen Custom 3062AFR - TOO GOOD AN OPPORTUNITY TO MISS!!!

    I have a Getzen Custom 3062AFR Bass Trombone which I am very reluctantly selling. I bought it brand new in August 2005 but have only used it about 6 times since November 2008 as I have moved permanantly onto baritone. This instrument really is too good to have it sit idle in my office - I'd...