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  1. GJacko

    Deflated Ending to the National Championships

    I feel like I’ve been around for years. The fact is I have, so it is with some surprise then, that I’ve never been to the Royal Albert Hall and that’s why I was looking forward to this years final so much. The place is legendary and I wasn’t going to be disappointed. A day trip with my wife...
  2. GJacko

    Leicestershire Co-op Band - Vacancies

    Cornet & Percussion Needed Edit: for current vacancies & contact details please see most recent posts Leicestershire Co-op Band (3rd Section) need a Front Row Cornet player and a Percussionist to complete the line up for the National Finals in Harrogate. Our rehearsal room is just off the...
  3. GJacko

    Does Loud Cheering Get Better Results

    Does cheering loudly for your band help to get better results at contests?
  4. GJacko

    Adjudicators Markings

    Hi Alan I read the articles following the presentation you made on adjudication and was interested in the way adjudicators award marks. I can't understand (after 34 years!!), why adjudicators award marks a contest, of say 10 bands, and only use a spectrum of, say, 13 points? As points these...