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    Horn Player Vacancy

    1st horn position at stalybridge to be filled. If interested contact: Richard - 07717871767 Joe - 07796266903 Or send a PM.
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    Brass Sound Fonts

    Looking for some brass sound fonts, got some good trombone, tuba and flugal ones from hammersound but does anyone know of any for tenor horn, bari, euph ??
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    URGENT Bb Bass and Baritone Dep required

    Stalybridge band doing a gig on friday evening and require a Bb bass and a baritone. If you live near and are free contact : Richard 07734 322065 OR Joe 07796 266903
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    Manchester District Contest

    Anyone taking part on sunday ?
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    Hand/eye co ordination test.
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    Stalybridge Old, players required.

    First section band looking for cornets and Bb bass players. Bassed just outside manchester. If interested phone : Neill : 01942 270686 John: 0161 3392871 Band Room: 0161 3048352
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    Music Arranging

    Ok I actually have a serious question for once. Basically myself and a few mates have arranged some, decent, possibly bordering on the cheesy, music for band but anyway we are wondering about copyright , what needs to be done , where do we start , any help would be welcome, websites , whatever...
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    This is funny

    Phone conversation, audio only, starts off slow but is hilarious.
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    Help - Name that tune!!

    Hi, need help here naming a tune. I heard it a long time ago on listen to the band but I dont have a recording of it, know who its by or more importantly the name. The tune is in my head so I've spent a couple of mins with sibelius jotting down a few notes - the basic tune is there would...
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    Silver or gold ?

    So which is best then ? I used to play a silver horn (Besson Sovereign) and now play a gold one. Personally I dont see a difference but the weight, the gold is physically lighter (strange!). But I was told that the gold is suppose to have the better sound, that might just be the sales man...
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    Brass Music list started

    OK now I need peoples help. I have set up a yahoo group So if we are serious about compiling a useful list all we need are people to go into the data base section and update the tables in the Band Music option - also would appreciate if any you feel...
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    Do you post from work or home

    So how many of you banders are dodging their work load to post here or are you like me just completely lazy and post from home.
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    List of all brass works

    I'm getting into arranging, just wondering if anyone has ever compiled a list of all works done for brass band so I dont end up repeating stuff which is already done well. If not can you guys think of the names of publishing houses so I can make one ?
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    Why do we do it all ?

    At college, I put up with all the jazz musicians telling us how much money they can make from gigs, how they are going to become great stars etc... but then they look at us and dont get it - why ? We make feck all, why do we bother ? I do it for the chicks, but I haven't found any yet. Whats...
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    Do brass females shave under their armpits ?

    On random pub rants I have found this not to be true, are these women trying to be hard ? Your views!!