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    Bjørsvik Brass perform world premiere of Dalí

    Bjørsvik Brass performed the World Premiere of my test piece Dali last weekend in Bergen, Norway. They spent only 5 weeks working up this fiendishly difficult piece in amongst a full programme of other works. Bjørsvik are ranked in the top 50 of brass bands in the world and I am deeply honoured...
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    Temperamental by Fendall Hill

    J.S. Bach... that is all
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    World Premiere - Dalí by Fendall Hill

    Bjørsvik Brass will be performing the world premiere of Dalí on 29 September in Søreidgrend, Norway 6pm, so if you happen to be nearby, drop in. Here’s a link to YouTube with a video featuring the work alongside the artwork and photos of Dalí, there is also a “follow-the-score” version...
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    Why does the Principal Cornet sit there?

    I don’t know if this has been thrashed out previously on this site, but since my return to banding since 2004 after a 17-year sabbatical, I have been wondering about the logic behind the traditional seat placing of the principal cornet on the end of the front row. I would presume the job of a...
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    New Solo for Soprano or any other E flat Instrument

    Hi there, By way of introduction, I am the soprano cornet player for Waitakere Brass in NZ (one of Australasia's top bands) and current NZ national soprano champion. I have also written a full 20 minute concerto for E flat trumpet, and a shorter version of this is the set test for this year's...
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    Fendall Hill - another soprano player

    Hello all, I am a married 40-year old father of three from Auckland New Zealand. I am the soprano player for Waitakere Brass (recently rejoined), and current NZ soprano champion. I am a Chartered Professional Engineer / Management Consultant for a large Australasian company called GHD...