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  1. dave

    Cornet solo title not known - please help?

    Dear all, I would like to play the cornet solo that I recorded in rehearsal before my FTCL exam in New Zealand but........... I can't remember the name. I have asked many cornet players in the UK and NZ but it seems an obscure one. No-one seems to know what it's called and it may just be a...
  2. dave

    Young Ambassadors Brass Band of G.B. in Guelph

    For all of you who haven't experienced the fun and musicianship of YABB with Frank Wolff and Co. - enjoy!
  3. dave

    Trombonist needs help!

    Hi, I am a trombonist from Australia who would like to experience the UK bands and give my dedication to a Championship section band. I have played Solo Trom, Bass, 2nd, Baritone and Euphonium for some of the top Australian bands and have won the Oz Nationals 3 times as solo trombone. I am...
  4. dave

    YABB easter tour 2004

    Just returned from he latest YABB tour. I just love going on these tours this is my 7th? The band is top class, the people are so friendly, the beer is good - "Bofferding!" so is the whisky - way hey! I enjoy the sum of all of the parts. Frank Wolff is an excellent tour manager. If ever you...
  5. dave

    arrangements for brass quartet and drums needed quickly

    Hello - can anyone help? I have been asked to arrange brass quartets of: Carmina Burana, Vindaloo, We are the champions, Colonel Bogey, Fanfare for the common man, When the saints, Here we go, Swing Low, Chariots of fire, Hey baby, 3 Lions, Let me entertain you, Ally's army, Simply the best...
  6. dave

    please read dissertation on muscles & embouchures

    Hello everyone, :lol: I was wondering if you could all look at the written work for my end of course lecture recital (MA). Please read the masters degree dissertation on embouchures and muscles in brass playing. I have used some well known brass players from the UK and asked them about...
  7. dave

    fancy playing Bb bass at the london areas and senior trophy

    Soham Comrades Band are looking for a BBb Bass player :oops: We have been 8th in 2000 and 7th in 2001 at Pontins (we didn't go last year due to peronnel injuries! ). In 2001 we were 4th at the London areas (in the top section of course!) and 9th at the senior trophy. We have been very...