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    Sold/Expired Grade 8 Aural Tests CD - Associated Board

    I am selling this CD which I have used very little! It was however very useful to listen to as it has 6 complete examination-style practice tests on it for the Associated Board. £15 brand new it cost me plus Postage. Mint Condition, Any offers? email me at or just...
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    Anyone going to Dobcross Slow Melody??

    Hello all! Anyone out there going to the Dobcross slow melody today?? Taa Ben
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    Rivington and Adlington Slow Melody

    Did any of you lot go to the slow melody??? If ya did what did you think of it? :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Silk Brass (Astra Zeneca) - Vacancies

    Edit: For current vacancies and contact details see most recent posts Bb Bass Player Required. 2nd Section (3rd section national champs 2002/2003).We are a very succesful band with usual full contesting and concert programmes. Located in Marton, Macclesfield close to to Jn 17&18 on the M6...
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    Wilkinson's, St Helens

    Hello!! Just wondering if anyone knows who the adjudicators are at Wilkinsons?? and are any of the TMPers going to the contest?? Thanks Ben 8) :lol:
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    Buxton Results?

    Any1 have the results ??