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    favourites for this years yorkshire area contest

    who do you think will do well this year? this threads directed for all the sections expect Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble to do well this year, coz if we don't, we are down!
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    yorkshire hymn and march contests

    this year has seen a fair amount of march contests held in yorkshire, the 4 that come to mind are: brighouse silkstone calderdale morley are there any other yorkshire hymn and march contests held in yorkshire or is it just them 4? also what other h+m contests are there around england...
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    Brighouse March

    Hi fellow banders My band aint going to the Brighouse march contest this year but I will be there and so if any bands who are playing require any of the following positions to be depped for then let me know Tenor Trombone - any section Bass Trombone - 3rd and 4th section Baritone - 4th...
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    Time to say Goodbye - Conte Partiro

    Anyone know if there is a Bb arrangement solo of this song? If there is, and you know who's arranged it, and if you know who might have published it, please say in this thread Cheers
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    If there is a 4th section band looking for a dep. m.d. then contact me and I'd be very happy to help if I'm available. I can also dep. on trombone (any part 1st section and below), bass trombone (3rd section and below), euphonium baritone and Bb bass (4th section). I live in Hebden Bridge...
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    How do you make a brass band modern?

    Something which came to mind recently was that brass banding still seems to have a bit of a stereotypical view from people who don't know anything about brass banding, basically that its really old music played by really old people. Us band people know that this is not the case at all, the...
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    Yorkshire Vs North West

    OK folks so we've come across this situation/arguement on many occasions now and so its come to my mind well why isn't there an annual contest to find out, who are better, yorkshire, or northwest bands. Forget for a moment about the fact theres a busy enough contest schedule on each year, IF...
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    Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble - vacancies

    Edit: please see most recent posts for current vacancies Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass Ensemble require a 2nd Trombone player for the Yorkshire Regional Area Contest We will be playing Prelude and Jubilate in the 3rd section and we are now rehearsing in great depth to give us the best...
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    Leeds United fans ONLY!

    OK guys and girls What the hell is going on at our club?!?!?!?! We've at least gotten rid of our 1st weak link this season in former manager Kevin Blackwell, but why have we not replaced the likes of Stephen Crainey, Ian Westlake, Rui Marques, and Ian Moore, with better players?, its a...
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    Be Positive For Youth!

    Fleetwood gave me a small taste of some of the youth bands who are in force right now and 2 great performances from astley and st helens really showed that some of the players coming through should be nurtured and gradually brought into our senior bands if theres any youth or junior bands that...
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    Views on New or Young MD's

    Just wondered which bands have given a new or young MD their 1st band to conduct? Also what are your views on these to version of MD's?, are they well valued or do bands still prefer the older or more experienced MD's still going about? The 1st band to give me a real conducting opportunity...
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    Domestic Footy Is Back!

    If there hasnt been 1 started, i'll start it now now the english leagues are just a fortnight or so away from starting, how will your team do this season? hate to say it but my team leeds united have really ducked up this time (im sure you'll all realise that was a slip of the finger, it was...
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    Hi Everyone Having just recently passed the band studies course, I have decided that my break from full time banding should come to an end and this is what im looking for. Solo Trombone in 1st or 2nd section, might even consider 3rd if the band has good potential. Musical Director for 4th...
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    happy brass banding bdays

    hi everyone its the 18th july and so i'm wishin a very happy bday to softlad, leneB, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, ME!:D
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    The 80's!

    Just had to do some research on the areas and finals contests of the last 30 years Could anyone tell me what happened in the mid 80's I was born in 1984 and there was no contest that year, among other years aswell Any info on this subject is appreciated Cheers
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    Best Opening Game

    I know theres still a couple left, but when they are all done, say which has been the most entertaining game of football youve seen so far from all the opening games dont want anyone saying englands 1st half was exquisit or whatever, im on about the whole match, with both teams getting a...
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    All Star 11's + Manager

    hey just wondered what your all star 11 plus manager would be? you can either mix the nationalities, or perhaps come up with an XI+M from 1 nation many countries have had many quality players play for them, others have had just the odd star player every 2 or 3 world cups etc, either way...
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    Wynton Marsalis on BBC2!

    Hi guys Just wondered if any of you stayed up to watch the Wynton Marsalis programs on BBC2 early this morning, or if any of you recorded them? I watched the last bit of the 1st 1 and most of the 2nd 1 and they were very interesting. In the 1st 1 he talked about all the different aspects of...
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    james bond arrangements

    which james bond song do you think would make a good solo to be arranged for soloist and brass band, and for which brass band instrument would you arrange it for?
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    high range!

    ok guys, time to get your tutor caps on your heads, coz this problem is buggin the hell outa me! im practicing like crazy at the minute for my recital pieces for my course, and theres some high range stuff in there which no matter what techniques and methods i try, it doesnt work, ive...