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    Sold/Expired Wanted USED UNIFORM JACKETS

    I'm looking for some red uniform jackets, or possibly dark with red lapels, to use with my fanfare trumpet group. . Half a band set would do...about 10 or 12 jackets covering the range of adult male sizes. If you have some used ones you would like to convert into...
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    Echo cornets

    I'm flushed with success at having just put together an echo cornet (details of this epic task are at ). My question is, now that I've played Alpine Echoes through more times than I can count, what other little gems have been writtten for...
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    Band newsreel clips

    I have found some fascinating film clips of bands at . They are free to download (you have to register first). They are all taken from the old Pathe cinema newsreels and documentaries. The best one is of Munn & Felton's back in the's just like one of those Harry...
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    Sold/Expired Mouthpiece plating

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    Sold/Expired Brass repairs. London & SE

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    Why swing music?

    I've just been listening to "Listen to the Band" and "Big Band Special" on Radio 2's "Radio on Demand". Why on Earth do brass bands try to play swing music...especially on a radio network that broadcasts a highly professional and slick example of the genre? Their attempts to do so sound wooden...
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    Sold/Expired G-Bass trombone (1921) for auction.

    I have a playable Boosey & Co G-Bass trombone for auction on eBay if there are any enthusiastic player/collectors out there! Cut and paste this URL to your browser to view: Andy.
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    Sold/Expired Sale of brass instrument collection (Herts)

    I have bought a few instruments from a family in Hertfordshire who, due to sad circumstances, are selling a collection of instruments. They have quite a lot left, including trumpets, cornets, euphoniums, rotory instruments of all sizes, helicons, natural trumpets, horns, sopranos, Bb...
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    Sold/Expired Herbert Clarke 78rpm for auction

    I am auctioning a 78 of the legendary American cornet virtuoso, Herbert Clarke, playing his own dazzling "Showers of Gold". Copy and paste this link into your browser to see the details:
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    Sold/Expired B&H Regent Euphonium for auction.

    I have just put a very nice B&H Regent euphonium on eBay. If you are interested take a look by copying and pasting this link into your browser: Andy.
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    Sold/Expired Instrument repairs

    A complete repair service, from mouthpiece plating to major restorations. Email me for free and friendly advice.