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    Predictions for Area's?

    Yes it probably will be, but we are doing our best to hang on to their coat tails. Only two years ago you would have got some very long odd on Flowers, for example, being ranked as the fifth best band in the world, but a lot can change and quite quickly as they have demonstrated, and...
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    Brass In Concert Draw

    Last week (before your post was deleted..) you said that the only Bands left, including my Band, were 'toilet break bands'! Now you say that Flowers, Fairey and Carlton Main are easily replaced. Make your mind up...
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    Virtuosi GUS Band - Open Rehearsal Thursday 7th May

    Anybody who would like to hear the GUS Band's final rehearsa,l before heading up to the Golden Mile to compete in the Grand Shield, is welcome at our open rehearsal on Thursday 7th May at 7.45pm. The venue is; Caroline Chisholm School Wooldale Centre For Learning Wooldale Road Wootton...
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    2015 National Finals Test Piece Rumours..

    Visions - Dan Price
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    Midlands MD merry-go-round

    I wonder if one of those ex MD's might end up as the new MD at one of those bands.
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    Virtuosi GUS Band - Tune Percussionist

    Midland Area Champion 2015, The Virtuosi GUS Band invites applications for a tuned percussionist. The Band has a sensible diary of concerts and contests in 2015, including of course the National Championship Finals, Spring Festival and Brass in Concert. Applications in the first instance should...
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    Softshell Jackets

    Yes, i would recommend Lloyd Shipp at yourlogohere. Lloyd is a bander himself, and im sure he will be only too happy to help.
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    Virtuosi GUS Band

    The Virtuosi GUS Band invites applications for both a baritone and a tutti solo cornet player. The Band, fresh from its runner up position at the recent Butlin's Mineworkers Championships, has a balanced diary of concerts, cd recordings and contests throughout 2015 as they look to defend the...
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    What bands are playing at Butlins?

    You are absolutely right Flowers will be huge, and deservedly so, favourites to win. As the only to Band to beat them at Butlins in the last 4 years though, we at GUS are working very hard to give them a run for their money.
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    What bands are playing at Butlins?

    You are quite right, it is invitation only. Over the last few years the Organisers have continued to invite those Bands that have supported the event for a number of years. When the odd place has become available they have tended to award it those to Bands that have been promoted on a National...
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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    Well well, it seems like it isn't going to be Spiriti - the rumours regarding Torchbearer are well and truly abound. Not sure how you could have got it so wrong Lee, what with your connections ;)
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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    Some more contributors who participate in those sections need to be encouraged to participate in the thread then Ian.
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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    On this occasion both reasons.
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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    Its not impossible, St Magnus wasn't impossible, but the ability to create meaningful performances is surely paramount, and nationwide there really weren't many of those in my opinion. As you say the opening few minutes are very tough, both musically and with some of the skills required for the...
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    2015 Area piece rumours??????

    It really isn't Spiriti for Champ section. Lets remember there has been enough debate in the media circles about the suitability of St Magnus as a 'fit for all' test for our current Championship Section. Spiriti is another level up from St Magnus again.
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    New CD in the making

    Hi Alec, I'm not sure that Simon posts directly on here, but I can tell you that Virtuosi GUS will be recording some of Simon's work for this CD project over the weekend 22/23 March including his stunning Symphony of Colours commissioned by Fairey for the 2011 European Championships. rgds...
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    Help with move from Cornet to EEb Bass

    is there any footage of tuba miriam in his cornet days, or has it been erased for the benefit of all concerned?..
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    Butlins 2014

    Correct, we are Chris
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    Virtuosi GUS Band Invites Applications for Tutti Solo Cornet

    The Virtuosi GUS Band seeks the services of a committed Tutti Solo Cornet. Please come and see for yourself what is sure to be the start of another exciting chapter in the Band's history with the appointment of our new Musical Director, Adam Cooke. All applications in strictest confidence to...