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    Degeneration of banding today

    Tonight sadly I had the misfortune to turn up to band rehearsal to find 3 door men in attendance. I had received a letter earlier in the week from a solicitor acting on behalf of the bands committee stating that an EGM that had been asked for according to the band constitution would not now be...
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    What makes a person a member of a brass band?

    Bizarre title I know but just wondering what exactly other bands see as being a member. Is a member someone who pays subs but may not attend regularly or contest? Are all registered players automatically members of the band irrespective of whether they have filled in a membership form to pay...
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    Please help! I do not seem to be receiving notification of topics from tmp even though I am watching them. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I tried to email Music man but it won't let me do that either. (My computer) although I have run a virus scan. For example earlier on I received 2...
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    Music for 4th section Bands

    What sort of music would you say is suitable for 4th section bands to be playing? We've got a concert coming up and will be playing: Soul Bossa Nova, Pearl Harbour, Light of the World, From Lord of the Dance Breakout and Victory, Lightwalk. This is a joint concert with the County band...
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    Anyone know where I can get a recording of triptych? We're playing it at mo but I want to hear what other bands make it sound like. I'd also like peoples opinions on it. I quite like it, having has a bash at 2nd cornet, solo cornet and now rep am interested in others viewa. Kate
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    music lessons

    HI Our band is setting up a Junior Band soon and my daughter is interested in learning to play. Although we have a spare cornet and I'm willing to teach her the basics, I'm mum and therefore she won't listen to me. Does anyone know how I can find a teacher in the Telford area? I rang the LEA...
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    why do you go to band?

    i'd like to know why people go to band. I go because I enjoy playing but I also like to have a laugh while I'm there. Apologies if this is a repeated thread but I'm new on here and curious!! Kate