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    Sold/Expired Holton TR181 Bass Trombone for Sale

    I am selling this instrument on behalf of my Band "Silk Brass" the bone is approx 8 years old and is in a reasonable condition. The "bad bits" are a few dents in the bell and the slide water key pipe has some minor dents - otherwise the bone is totally playable and ready to go. These...
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    Sold/Expired Schilke Soprano For Sale On Ebay

    I am selling on behalf of the Brass Band I play for (Silk Brass) a Schilke Soprano cornet. This instrument is in excellent condition with no dings, there a few marks and a small amount of plate wear on the 3rd valve housing which is of no detriment. The cornet is approx 10 years old and comes...
  3. Silk&Horn1

    Sold/Expired Sovereign Tenor Horn For Sale On Ebay

    I have listed a mint condition Horn on ebay , I am selling this on behalf of my Band Silk Brass - Macclesfield. Follow the link to the auction
  4. Silk&Horn1

    Sold/Expired Sovereign BE950 Horn For Sale (AS NEW)

    Played for only 3 months as new in case, paid £1600.00 will accept £1300.00 (RRP £2265.00). tel: 07736 599459 email:
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    Sold/Expired Sovereign Horn For Sale

    Approx 7 years old in Laquer. With Hard Case v.g.c £700.00 email:
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    Tenor Horn, North West 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

    Available when free (see schedule)