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  1. Alan Peat

    Seeking extinct brass band LPs and 78s: the less well known the better

    Dear all, heartened by the emails coming through as a result of my last thread regarding tracing the earliest recording of 'Gresford' (still 1968 but I'm sure there will be an earlier recording?) I'd like members to know that I'm collecting obscure / ''minor" brass band recordings (LPs &...
  2. Alan Peat

    Trying to trace the earliest commercial recording of 'Gresford'

    Hi folks I am attempting to find the earliest commercially available recordings of 'Gresford' (The Miners' Hymn) composed by Robert Saint in response to the 1930s Gresford Pit Disaster. I have not been able to find any 78rpm recordings and the earliest on an LP I have thus far found is by...