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  1. andywooler

    tMp - simply a knocking shop these days - discuss!

    There has been a growing trnd on tMp to moan and knock the efforts of others. Examples: Constant snipes at 4 Bars rest - it's a free site for goodness sake! Handley Uniforms - have you guys not noticed there's a financial crisis out there/ York Instruments - of course those guys got paid (or...
  2. andywooler

    Bass player available?

    Well, he might be a great jazz piano/vocalist but the Sousaphone seems a bit beyond him! (Jamie Cullum)
  3. andywooler

    spyware message

    I use spyware doctor from PC Tools - it has just displayed the following message: Blocked Potentially Malicious Site Your request to visit ### ### has been blocked. Access to ### ### has been blocked due to the detection of potentially malicious exploits...
  4. andywooler

    New MD, new website for Uckfield Concert Brass!

    To celebrate the appointment of our new MD, Nick Morris, we have taken this opportunity for a fresh look for the band website, For the technically minded, this site was built using Drupal - the reason for this was a desire to enable people other than myself...
  5. andywooler

    New MD for Uckfield Concert Brass

    Uckfield Concert Brass are pleased to announced the appointment of Nick Morris as their new Musical Director. Nick has previously been MD of Epsom & Ewell and Oxted and brings to us a wealth of musical experience. He impressed the band so much this was a unanimous appointment. The band hope to...
  6. andywooler

    Trumpet & Flugel Flight case recommendations wanted

    Rather than trawl through the many pages of ebay and google searches, i'm sure someone here has already done this! I am in need of a flight case or sturdy enough case to house 1 trumpet & 1 flugel - must be able to go as cabin baggage. Not enough gigs on this trip to warrant a huuuge price...
  7. andywooler

    Mike Fairhurst - founder of Ringmer School Band

    I am sad to report the death of Mike Fairhurst on Monday following a long battle with ill health. Mike was one of the most influential teachers in East Sussex during the 70's and was responsible for many of the talented players who later went on to join The Uckfield Band (now Uckfield Concert...
  8. andywooler

    Sold/Expired National Finals Tickets - Charity Auction

    I have obained agreement from my employers, Legal & General, to make 3 tickets available in their box for the Finals! (There will be 2 other L&G staff in the box). All funds raised by this will be given to The Rocking Horse Appeal for the Royal Alexander Hospital for Sick Children in Brighton...
  9. andywooler

    Petition - The Gurkhas deserve our support

    Please take some time out to support the cause of the Gurkhas - these guys have fought for this country and contrinue to do so yet we pay them appallingly and treat illegal imigrants with more courtesy than these brave soldiers get. Here's...
  10. andywooler

    Petition to Downing Street

    Subject: PETITION TO DOWNING STREET Dear friends Just some background, 2 Para alone have on this tour sent back over 50 casualties to the UK and from one who has been to Selly Oak I know that many cannot be accommodated so when all of the casualties from other battle groups are added to the...
  11. andywooler

    Second Life

    Are there any tMp'ers on Second Life? My avatar there is Wooler Boozehound.
  12. andywooler

    Telephone abuse help needed

    A serious post for a change - I am currently the victim of unwanted telephone calls made at god awful hours (between midnight and 6 am , it varies) where the phone rings and when you pick up, it plays the Simpsons theme. First call goes to my mobile, second to our land line. We have anonymous...
  13. andywooler

    Sold/Expired New website for Uckfield Concert Brass!

    The original Uckfield Concert Brass website has been around for over 10 years! So, to mark the ressurgence of the band, the website too has had a facelift! For those who link to the old address, please note we also have a new domain: (And yes, there is a...
  14. andywooler

    SCABA Hove 2008 Thread

    So, who is planning on being at the Scaba Hove contest this year? I would hope that it not being on St George's day for a change will increase the attendance! I'll be there on Sop with Uckfield Concert Brass - back in business after some 9 years away from contesting and also making my final...
  15. andywooler

    The One & Only

    For those of you watching the talent show "The One & Only" tonight, Anthony Adams, the chap doing Sinatra, used to run a band with me - please vote for him and get him to Vegas!!
  16. andywooler

    If Liverpool can have a thread, so can the mighty Hammers!

    Great reception from the WHU fans yesterday for the return of Carlos Tevez - good to see that we can greet some of our formers players with respect! After the dreadful game against Reading, a totally fired up West Ham yesterday continued the series of defeats for ManU. It was worth every penny...
  17. andywooler

    Uckfield Concert Brass are back in business!

    Sunday 9th December sees the official return of Uckfield Concert Brass to the concert platform with a Christmas event at Uckfield Civic Centre in aid of The League of Friends of Uckfield Hospital. The appointment of Steve MacIntyre as MD has been a turning point for the band and we now have an...
  18. andywooler

    Rules of the Game: Rule 12

    According to Rule 12 " An indirect free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player, in the opinion of the referee: prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball from his hands Whilst I am not a great ManU fan, Solsjaer did NOT prevent the keeper from releasing the ball as he...
  19. andywooler

    Excel Help

    Totally non banding help needed! I need to copy a formula in Excell from one cell into 300. However, part of the formula needs to remain constant whilst part increments by one in each line - here's the problem: In Column A, we have a text description. In Column B we need to work out the...
  20. andywooler

    Eastbourne Brass Ensemble

    During the early 1970's, the was a split away from the previously established Eastbourne Silver Band and a rival was set up under the name of the Eastbourne Brass Ensemble. This man responsible for the formation of the band was Harry Pearce. I played in the band up until 1974 when I joined the...