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  1. ploughboy

    2016 Area Test Piece Rumours

    Surely I cant be the first to start this thread?! (If i've missed a previous one I apologise). . Not heard many whispers this year, but I saw a good source claiming Essay in the First Section. Anyone got any other good runners and riders?
  2. ploughboy

    Looking for a contest in September?

    Howdy Folks, I'm looking for an own choice Test Piece contest in Late September (would consider the first weekend in October). If anyone can point me in the right direction that'd be great :) Cheers Garry
  3. ploughboy

    Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

    Has anyone else going to this contest had a close look at the timings in the hall that is to hold UnRegistered, 4th, 3rd & 2nd sections in a day?! The timing sheet shows the contest starting at 8.45am with 44 bands due to take the stage. We are in the 2nd section, and without revealing the...
  4. ploughboy

    Emley Band, Yorkshire, 2nd Section - Bass, Baritone and Percussionist

    Emley Brass Band are recruiting following the departure of a couple of our long serving team. We are looking for; a bass player (either flavour, Eb or BBb) due to our flexible team. a 2nd Baritone (or possibly a 2nd trom if not) a percussionist, because I'm greedy and want a team of three...
  5. ploughboy

    Emley Band, Yorkshire, 2nd Section - BBb & Baritone

    Emley Brass Band are seeking a BBb bass player and a Baritone player (2nd). Empty seats are quite a rare thing in our bandroom and this is an opportunity to join a talented and progressive band. Over the last 8 years the band has moved forward each resulting in our current status as a 2nd...
  6. ploughboy

    Two Cornet players (one also percussion) on holiday looking for a parp

    Hi, The other half and I are having a couple of weeks away, and thought it'd be nice to drop in and have a parp with a local band or two whilst we're camping around the country. . give me a shout if you've got some holiday spaces you'd like filling over the next couple of weeks, we'll be . ...
  7. ploughboy

    Yorkshire Regional Test Piece Workshop - Jan 6th -

    Usually a good afternoon listening and talking bands - who's going? OPEN HOUSE AT REGIONAL TEST PIECE WORKSHOP Baliff Bridge Community Centre, Victoria Road, Baliff Bridge, Brighouse. HD6 4DX. 1.30. pm. SUNDAY 6TH JANUARY 2013. The Association of Brass Band Adjudicators will be...
  8. ploughboy

    Emley Band, West Yorkshire, 2nd Section require. . .

    Emley Brass band are seeking a Cornet player, a Horn player and a Bass player, Due to the a couple of our team taking a break from banding. Cornet - any seat is available to the right player, if you fancy a crack at being our top man please get in touch, or if you like the challenge of front...
  9. ploughboy

    Sold/Expired WANTED - Vibraphone

    Emley Brass Band are in the market for a set of Vibes - I have a budget to work within and I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any out there selling at a reasonable price? I would be happy to buy a good second hand set rather than something new but on the cheap side. . . . Thanks Garry
  10. ploughboy

    Do you think the move to a Kapitol Owned registry is Good, Bad or . . . . .

    I thought I might set up a straight forward poll, see in black and white as it were what peoples thoughts are, if they had to come down to a decision, based on the complete lack of communication coming from all sides :)
  11. ploughboy

    The Paragon - E Sutton

    Hi Folks, I'm writing program notes for an upcoming concert, I'm struggling to find any viable information about the cornet solo - The Paragon, by E Sutton. On the score it says "Dedicated to Mr Harold Pinches, the celebrated Cornetist" . . . Any Help would be greatly appreciated :) cheers
  12. ploughboy

    Emley Real Ale Festival 2012

    Emley Brass Band are pleased to announce their 2nd annual Real Ale Festival is to take place over Easter Weekend (April 6/7/8). Following last years highly successful fundraising event this years Festival aims to be bigger and better. The bandroom in Emley (9 Beaumont Street, Emley, HD8...
  13. ploughboy

    Emley Brass Band, seeking a cornet player.

    Emley Brass Band, based in the Village of Emley, 10 mins from the M1 (junc 38 or 39). 25 mins or less from Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Barnsley and Sheffield! are seeking A Cornet Player, we could accommodate a player almost anywhere in our section so a strong back or front row...
  14. ploughboy

    One for Composers/conductors

    How would you feel about writing a piece of music/working on a piece of music with no Guide to tempo/shape/timing/style. . . . ? Imagine going to a test piece contest where every conductor had only a set of notes to work with and had to create a performance of their very own. . . 12 bands, 12...
  15. ploughboy

    Barton Town Band - Championship Section - Cornet & Euph/Bari

    Barton Town band are looking to fill two vacancies after the upcoming Northern Area championships. Front Row Cornet & either Euphonium (2nd) or Baritone (2nd). . . The band is enjoying its 2nd year in the top section, and are entered in to the Senior Cup. We have a well paced selection...
  16. ploughboy

    Brass The Baton

    How many folk are involved in this so far? I've just been reading through the website, what a great idea, fun to pass a Baton from band to band round the country, and use it in a concert. A new piece of music has also been commissioned to be performed, seems like quite a well thought out...
  17. ploughboy

    Cornet & Flugel duet wanted

    I have to admit I can't bring to mind a piece that uses these two instruments! Any Idea's out there please?
  18. ploughboy

    Emley Brass Band, seeking a percussionist.

    Howdy Folks, Emley Brass band are seeking a percussionist, We want someone who's willing to share the work across the whole of the section. We have two gents already back there (including a young chap just learning the ropes mostly playing Timps). We have a well stocked bandroom, kit, 4...
  19. ploughboy

    Regional Test Piece Workshop, Yorkshire 8th January.

    I'm glad to find out the usual test piece workshop is running again in Yorkshire, I've copied the details I've been sent below for anyone who is also interested. It's an excellent and always informative event. PRESS RELEASE The Association of Brass Band Adjudicators will be holding...
  20. ploughboy

    Do you look at your own website?!

    The title says it all. . . blimey people, some bands website's are two and three years out of date, searching round for information for something I'm setting up and I can't believe it! It's the modern, public face of your band, I'm sure someone in every band must pop on now and again and notice...