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    Scottish Open - Help fill the gaps

    Andy Shaw, bass trombonist extraordinaire :!: and well-known bevy boy is relocating to Dublin in January. He played for many years with Whitburn but I found out about his drinking talents when he toured OZ/NZ in 1993 with CWS Glasgow. Sydney has never recovered. :shock: ( That's Sydney the...
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    Scottish Open - Help fill the gaps

    You did look a bit rough. The 40 mile round trip for petrol didn't help though. Andy Shaw must be the only person I know who could drive (with the petrol light already on :oops: ) from the Concert Hall to Lenzie looking for a petrol station, and then make a wrong turn at the M8 and end up back...
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    November Caption Competition

    And I thought there were only "Pennies From Heaven" :!:
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    Home Nations Contest

    Come on Lucy, you really will have to stop that lunchtime drinking, :guiness a little CWS biased don’t you think. As for the Three Amigos you describe as “trombonetastic”, check their sell by dates, I have been playing in bands with them since you were in Pampers :wink:. Will I still be OK...
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    Home Nations Contest

    I think you mean TREVOR McCormack who has just returned from Hong Kong to play 1st horn with The Fairey (FP) Music Band (where he is also the MD of the sponsoring company) :oops:
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    Home Nations Contest

    Here goes for Scotland. There are loads more but I suppose we have to stick to regulation band format. Sop: Steven Stuart Principal: Russell Gray Solo Cnt: Morven Gilchrist Solo Cnt: Dave Prentice Solo Cnt: Chris Bradley Rep: Eleanor Ferguson 2nd Cnt: Les Wood 2nd...
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    Well done Big Man and also to Mark Bell at Newlands. Sorry I couldn't be there as I had a rather pressing engagement helping Whitburn at Hampden, doing the best we could annoying the Dutch team and supporters. We played the Dutch National Anthem 3 times when apparently (we only found out later...
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    2nd at the open? 'Mon the Scots!

    You are quite correct Tricky, Fodens have withdrawn. I spoke to Alan McLaren who advised that they officially withdrew on Tuesday, due to too many commitments.
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    Whitburn Results!

    Also, as far as I am aware, Kinneil are the first band to do the Whitburn Hat-Trick :D :D :D Well Done.
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    Whitburn Results!

    1) Kinneil 194 2) Co-op 193 3) Johnstone 192 (won 1st Section) 4) Granite City 191 5) Newtongrange 190 6) Clackmannan 189 7) Shotts 188 (won 2nd Section) 8 Bo'ness 187 9) Kirky Kelvin 185 10) Renfrew...
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    Who's going to win the Whitburn Contest??

    Hi Lorna The results so far as I can remember 1) Kinneil 2) Scottish Co-Op 3) Johnstone Kinneil won most of the instrumental prizes apart from; Horn - Co-op, Basses - Co-op, Percussion - Johnstone. I Am just going for a pint with Kenny Crookston, so I will post the rest when i...
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    Sold/Expired Scottish Open

    Any interested band traders have the opportunity to place and advertisement in the programme for the upcoming Scottish Open Brass Band Championships. The contest, which will be held in The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, is on Sunday 30 November 2003. The cost is £100 for a full page and £60 for a...
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    Worlds wackiest piece names?? (these are seriously strange!)

    Moira You are right and wrong! I am not as old as you think, as i didn't play it with NYBBS, but I did record it with CWS Glasgow with Joseph Horowitz conducting. I think "Cock Up Your Beaver" should win as the best title. I remember the first time i saw it on a trade stand, with Gavin...
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    Worlds wackiest piece names?? (these are seriously strange!)

    CJ Have you ever played "The Dong with a Luminous Nose" I have and recorded it with the Composer conducting. That certainlay raised a smile or two at the recording session!! Extra points on offer if you can tell me the Composer and Band. No clever clogs using search engines now, this is a...
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    Sold/Expired Two Days Left To Win a New Maestro Cornet

    I don't want to drag you away from this fantastic Forum, but the folks at have advised me that they are drawing the curtain down on the Normans sponsored Free Maestro Cornet competition on Friday 17 October 2003. To make it as fair as possible and so that no one can listen to...