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    Sold/Expired Cornet Mouthpieces For Sale

    Hi All The following mouthpieces are all for sale. They are all in excellent condition (and clean!) and photos can be supplied if requested: 2 x Denis Wick Heritage 4 1 x Roger Webster 2B 1 x Roger Webster 3 1 x Roger Webster 4 1 x Denis Wick 4W 1 x Alliance 2A with leather case and...
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    Heart of Oak & When the lights go on again??

    Hi We have been asked to play these 2 items at a concert next week. I have had no luck ordering them from Just Music as they cannot guarentee the arrival of Heart of Oak as its published in the Outer Hebrides! The When the lights go on again I cant even find!! It is know by anything else do...
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    Rehearsal Venues

    Hi We are staying at The Old Swan for the Nationals and wondered if anyone knew of any rehearsal places within walking distance (as we have no transport on the Saturday)? Our hotel wanted £150 for a 2hour spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any help will be gratefully received :)
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    Sold/Expired Xeno Cornet for Sale

    A member of our band is selling a Yamaha Xeno 8335GS Gold Bell Silverplate Cornet due to moving to another instrument. It less that one year old and is under warrenty til May 2008. It comes with its original mouthpiece and is in excellent condition. Photos/cornet can be shown if required. It was...
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    Photos from the Nationals

    Does anyone know who took the band pictures when you came off stage in Harrogate? We are still waiting for our mugshots and we would love to see them but dont know who to contact!! :) Thanks in advance! xx
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    New faces at Phoenix WM Brass

    Phoenix West Midlands Brass are delighted to announce their recent signings: Neil Fishbourne, former principal cornet of The Stourport Band will boost the front row as he sits 2nd man down. The bands conductor, Dave Maplestone said ‘We are very fortunate to have another strong player join the...
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    Phoenix WM Brass to compete at Symphony Hall

    Courtesy of 4BR: Phoenix West Midlands Brass will become the first English band to represent their country in the B Section of the European Contest this year. EBBA has revealed that following the withdrawal of the Ireland and Lithuanian representatives, their executive committee decided to...
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    Just wondered how the lucky bands who qualified for the nationals will be raising money for it. Any fun ideas? :)
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    Cornet & Euph Duets with Piano??

    Help..... I need to find 2 duets for cornet and euph (piano accomp) to play at a memorial concert. Our solo items are quite slow so we were thinking of doing something more upbeat but still appropriate for the occasion. Any ideas for solos with euph & piano would be gratefully received too...
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    Song & Dance - Philip Sparke

    Hi Does anyone know where I could find a midi file of Song and Dance (Bb Cornet solo)? Thanks!
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    Wychavon 2007 under threat

    The following has been posted on 4br. Wychavon Contest under threat The future of the popular Wychavon Contest which has been run for the past 17 years with such success may be under threat. Contest Secretary Clive Allen told 4BR that due to the fact that it is getting ever more expensive...
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    So who's at Leamington next Sunday for WMBBA?
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    Buxton 2007

    Does any one know when Buxton 2007 is a a) is it a set test piece and b) how/where do I get an entry and more info? Thank you in advance
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    New MD for Phoenix WM Brass

    Phoenix West Midlands Brass are delighted to announce the appointment of David Maplestone as the band’s new Musical Director. David has been working with the band for several months and recently led the band to second place in the second section of the Wychavon Festival of Brass. The Band were...
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    Canadian Brass

    Hi Can anyone tell me where I can buy their sheet music. Mainly for solos and various groups (trios, quintets, etc) Thanks in advance!
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    WMBBA - John Harris

    Don't know if I've stuck this in the right place but its contest related I suppose! Someone in the West Midlands Brass Band Association must know John Harris's address....please pm me if so. Its in relation to Leamington contest Thanks in advance x
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    National Finals - 2006

    I know its only a day after the 2005 finals but I just wondered if anyone out there knew the date of the 2006 finals?! One of our bass players is planning to marry in September next year. I know we need to get there first and I'm not implying that we will definatly be there.... just need...
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    Jack Russells!!

    We have a 2 year old little j.r.t and he is great.... apart from that when we go out, he barks and yaps for near enough the whole time. Anybody got any ideas on how to keep him quiet and entertained for a few hours without us????? P.S I know you're probably thinking 'How do we know he is...
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    Jacket Help!!

    A few of our band jackets have gone walk about and the company that made them 15 months ago have gone out of business. Can someone help me with two things: a. A supplier that you know that can match fabrics/colours with the other 28 or b. Does any one have 2/3 spare burgandy with black...
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    Do you pay to play??

    Does your band have weekly/annual subscriptions? As a fairly new band, we were wondering how other bands stay afloat? By band contributions or outside donations? We had a bit of debate about it.... the majority of the argument was if you were a member of another association.... golf...