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  1. Bass Trumpet

    RIP Nigel Gomm

    I have just been informed of the passing of Nigel Gomm, after losing his hard-fought battle with cancer. He was 3rd trumpet at the LSO for many years and was one of the most consistent and reliable players in the business. On top of that, he was a very nice and genuine person with a great sense...
  2. Bass Trumpet

    New Drive Needed for Netbook

    Hello all, I'm after a new solid state drive for my Asus EEE 900 Netbook. It's a mini PCI-e drive and it's a 16GB one I'm after. Sadly, the first Netbooks didn't allow for such things as proper hard drives so it has to be the little ssd that it came with. Failing that I might try and run it...
  3. Bass Trumpet

    Kidlington appoint Duncan Wilson

    I am very pleased to announce that I have just been appointed Musical Director of Kidlington Concert Brass. This is with immediate effect and I will take over the helm from this week. However, I must pay a huge tribute to the work of Catherine Underwood, who has conducted the band for 17 (I...
  4. Bass Trumpet

    Trombone available

    Hi All, I've had something cancelled so could be available to sign with a band for the Areas (not L&SC weekend). Ex solo trombone with GUS, depped with Grimey and quite a few others.
  5. Bass Trumpet

    Windows 7 is here!

    Hello everyone, well after waiting for ages, Windows 7 is finally here! I've just installed and initial impressions are very good. The general look and feel are great and it seems to be so much more intuitive than either Vista or XP. I plugged in my printer and it not only found the driver...
  6. Bass Trumpet

    Duncan Wilson departs from City of Cambridge

    I am sad to report that I have resigned as MD of City of Cambridge band. After joining as Resident conductor in 2008 and moving up to become Musical Director shortly afterwards, we have presented a number of very successful concerts and retained Championship section status for 2010. The band...
  7. Bass Trumpet

    Home networking for numpties

    Hi Everybody, I need a bit of help! I would like to set up a basic home network with three or possibly four PCs. Does anyone know of a good internet resource with all the information to help me set this up? (I am a numpty, so no long words) Also, Would people recommend using a dedicated...
  8. Bass Trumpet

    Any Linux boffins out there?

    Hi folks, I am considering switching to Linux for managing my files, word processing, spreadsheets etc. The version I have ordered looks like it has all of this and more so it looks fairly tasty. Could somebody help me out with a few queries? It it possible for a linux programme to read...
  9. Bass Trumpet

    Baby Wilson

    Hi Folks, Sarah and I are pleased to announce the birth of our first child at 5.17pm today, Tuesday 27th June. Peter David weighed in at a very healthy 7lb 0oz and both mother and baby are doing fine. Many apologies if I don't finish any arguements I might be in the middle of, but I might be...
  10. Bass Trumpet

    Ebay Scam. Please read

    Hi folks, You may or may not remember that I had an Olds Opera trombone and was selling it on ebay. Well, I sold it last week to a very nice chap in Germany. However, a nasty little gob****e in America has copied my listing (word for word) and listed it for sale again. If you are interested...
  11. Bass Trumpet

    Sold/Expired I'm selling the monster

    Hi Folks, I'm moving house at the end of the week and have decided to sell one of my trombones as I don't play it an can't afford to have it sitting around. I don't know how to put a link on this thread (maybe somebody could help me on this), but you'll find it on ebay. It's pretty easy to...
  12. Bass Trumpet

    Brass repairers, anybody know a good one?

    Hi Folks, This might just qualify for the dullest thread of the year, but I'm at a loss! I need some work done on my Conn 88H Elkhart trombone and don't know who to go to :( . Sadly, not many repairers have the right equipment to re-align trombone slides and the two I know of (Mick Rath and...