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  1. euphmag

    New euphonium CD - HUSTLE

    Hello all, My recent recording project track samples, please take a look and let me know what you think, welcome any feedback. Thanks, Mark
  2. euphmag

    Sold/Expired Asymmetric trumpet mouthpiece FOR SALE

    Good condition Asymmetric Opera 545 trumpet mouthpiece for sale. Comes with leather pouch. £40 ono Message me if interested, Thanks!
  3. euphmag

    Marshall 4x12 1960 A Cabinet for sale

    Excellent condition £300 Ono Message me if interested. Thanks, Mark
  4. euphmag

    Euphonium+horn available for Whit Friday

    My girlfriend (horn) and I (euph) are looking for a band to do Whit Friday with if there are any bands needing a euph and a horn. Prefer champ section but will consider any. Many thanks Mark Glover
  5. euphmag

    Sold/Expired euph/rotary bari gigbag for sale CHEAP

    I have a gig bag for sale, it's never been used. It is designed for a rotary valved curved-bell baritone but any euph will fit in perfectly. It actually allows for more space above the bell with a euph in there and is really sturdy with thick padding. Here is a link so it can be seen...
  6. euphmag

    Euph+horn available for Butlins

    If any band needs a euph and a horn (either or both), my girlfriend and I would love to do the Butlins contest. Champ section. Also, I am available as a dep any time, feel free to contact me :) Cheers, Mark Glover 07743073437
  7. euphmag

    Sold/Expired Mouthpieces for sale

    I want to sell 3 mouthpieces, all are as new. Vincent Bach Megatone 7c trumpet mouthpiece £60 Asymmetric Opera 545 with pouch £40 Denis Wick SM3.5 Euphonium mouthpiece,silver, brand new in box £30 Please email me at with offers/questions. Thanks
  8. euphmag

    euph available - whit fri

    If any band needs a euph player for the Whit Friday contests this year feel free to send me an email. Prefer to play euph with champ section but will consider any section/seat. Thanks
  9. euphmag

    Sold/Expired EUPHONIUM Yamaha Silent Brass

    I want to sell a Yamaha Silent Brass system for euphonium. It is as new and has only been used a few times. Here is a link so you can see one and all the specs etc:- I would like about £120 for it...
  10. euphmag

    Sold/Expired Guitar For Sale

    Yamaha RGX 420s Guitar for sale. email me if interested or need some details.
  11. euphmag

    Sold/Expired Denis Wick SM 3.5 Euphonium mouthpiece

    Denis Wick SM 3.5 Euphonium mouthpiece for sale. Brand new, silver, boxed and never used. Sell for £30. 07743073437
  12. euphmag

    Sold/Expired Courtois Euphonium For Sale

    Courtois Euphonium for Sale. Lacquered, 4 valves, compensating, main tuning slide trigger, Courtois mouthpiece, standard Courtois case, custom made ‘clip-on’ trigger guard and it will be serviced before sale. The instrument is about 4 years old and has some blemishes on it. £1400 ono...