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  1. euphsrock

    Sold/Expired Conn Bb/F trombone for sale. Great condition. Real bargain!

    Hi, My mate based in Southampton is selling his Bb/F Conn trombone. It is in great condition, hardly used. I have played it and the slide action is lovely. A real bargain for such a nice instrument. It is up on ebay where you can see full details, but I said I would post it on here for him...
  2. euphsrock

    Sold/Expired New Composing Book for Children

    Hello! I have written a little book for young musicians to inspire them to get creative and write their own music. "I Can Write Music!" is a project book with helpful ideas and tips alongside blank manuscript paper. It was inspired by the number of students I teach who, even in the very early...
  3. euphsrock

    Beginner Music Books - Teachers

    To all instrumental music teachers, I would really appreciate it if you could take time to answer six simple questions on Beginner Music Books for me. (Please share with any other teachers you know) Hoping to find out what is the most important thing for children learning today...
  4. euphsrock

    Musical Director needed for good local brass band in Surrey....

    Musical Director needed for good local brass band! After a successful couple of years at The Cobham Brass Band I regret to say I am standing down as MD. I would love to leave the band in good hands. If anyone is interested please get in touch with them. In the last two years we have won 5...
  5. euphsrock

    Cobham Brass Band Open Rehearsal

    In case anyone is interested. (Don't think this has already been posted) Brass Band Open RehearsalOn Monday 20th February at 8/00 pm Cobham Band’s weekly rehearsal will be an open event. Anyone interested in brass band music will be welcome to come and listen to the band rehearse under the...
  6. euphsrock

    FREE Beginner Backing Tracks - Great for Teaching!

    Hi, I recently created a whole load of backing tracks to use at work. They are very cheesy, but hopefully kids will find them fun! They come in three keys, C, Bb and Eb and are for tunes only using a maximum of 5 notes! For any teachers out there who know what I'm talking about, they...
  7. euphsrock

    Steven Mead Springs...

    Has anyone tried/got these yet? Sounds good to me, but wondered if anyone has any experience with them? Could do with some new springs. Anything else similar on the market?
  8. euphsrock

    What is this instrument? Is it a weird trumpet or not an instrument at all?

    I was watching Eurovision last night and during the act from Moldova a strange trumpet like instrument was played, but not your normal trumpet. Couldn't quite work it out. Not even sure if it is an actual working instrument or just for show! Some very interesting hair dos going on too...
  9. euphsrock

    Sold/Expired Tuba (bass) Wanted - any quality considered!

    I'm looking to buy a second hand tuba/bass to brush up on my tuba playing and for a bit of fun. I don't need one of a high quality but 4 valves would be nice. Nothing too expensive, would consider Bb or Eb. So long as it works and is cheap let me know!
  10. euphsrock

    John Iveson - dates????

    Hi, Does anyone know John Ivesons date of birth? I need it for a programme and can't seem to find it anywhere.... Any help much appreciated. Robin
  11. euphsrock

    FREE! Euphonium Recital, Kingston, UK, 21st June 2010

    On June 21st 2010 I will be performing a euphonium recital at All Saints Church, Kingston, as part of their FREE lunchtime concert series, accompanied by Harriet Oughton on piano. A varied programme to include, Fanfare - Kenny Carnival of Venice - Arban Fantasia Brilliante Rule Britannia...
  12. euphsrock

    Brass Band Jazz Contest? - Would it work?

    I'm sure this is probably another can of worms, but I had this idea the other day of a contest where the emphasis was on jazz. Most bands play jazz or jazzy arrangements of big band numbers these days at some point but alot of bands/players are not so good with the swing or rhythms involved...
  13. euphsrock

    Using Paraffin or petrol to clean valves/slides

    Just writing a "review" of beginner brass books and read one which said to use paraffin or petrol to clean your slides/valves. I have never heard of this before, has anyone else? Also, anyone brasso/silvo their valves? In the last month I have had someone recommend it and someone else tell...
  14. euphsrock

    "Cheating" at contests

    Dusters over bells to make them sound quieter, re-arranging the parts, using mutes where not in the score, having two sop players to share the load, moving any exposed back row 'solo'/exposed bits onto a front row player, one person playing the whole thing where it should be dovetailed, pointing...
  15. euphsrock

    Brass Repair Apprenticeships?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any companies offering apprenticeships in instrument repair. I know Dawkes used to a while back, because when I was 16 I wanted to apply but my parents persuaded me to continue studying (which in the long run was probably the best thing)...
  16. euphsrock

    Genuine E-bay seller or not?

    I was browsing e-bay and came across this dodgy looking listing. What appears to be a horn (or possibly a bari?) being listed as "trumpet". It got me wondering if...
  17. euphsrock

    Dent removal

    Does anyone know how to remove dents, or any cheap dent removers in the surrey/southampton area? I have a very damaged french horn that I rescued from a skip....
  18. euphsrock

    Genius Scheme by my mate and fellow bander

    My mate and cornet player, Matt has come up with a genius idea for a treasure hunt. You can win up to £100,000 from it. I think it is a really good idea, but just needs more publicity. He was on the local radio today, so hopefully that will help. Check it out at
  19. euphsrock

    Solo Contests

    Does anyone know of any solo contests, particularly in the South? I've never done anything other than band contests and fancy a go at solo, but seem to be having difficulty finding much. Any help appreciated.
  20. euphsrock

    Free! Euphonium Recital 27th May 7.30 Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton

    On May 27th 2009 Robin.K.Langdon accompanied by Ocean Brass will be performing a recital of... Virtuosic Works for the Euphonium Programme: Pantomime - Philip Sparke Flower Song - Bizet Introduction and Allegro Spiritoso - Senaille Dance of the Dragonfly from Two Insects - Torstein...